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Spray Your Coochy Smooth

Coochy has done it again, this time with a compliment to their original product. You don't need to have their shave cream to enjoy this spray. No matter how you shave or what you shave, Coochy will calm irritation and keep scratchy clothes from ruining smooth skin.
Long lasting
Keeps clothes from itching
Calms irritation
Easy to apply
Girly packaging might turn some off
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Coochy Protection is an after shave spray for more sensitive areas, namely coochies. As with other Coochy products, girls aren't the only ones that are allowed to use this great little spray. Anyone looking for some non-irritating protection can give this a try. While intended for genital areas, I don't see why you couldn't use this just about anywhere that you shave. Men could even use this on their face if they don't mind smelling of flowers for a few minutes.

Coochy forms a barrier between you and your scratchy clothing, preventing itching and irritation on freshly shaved skin. It works similar to a men's after shave splash. I've never really understood exactly how those things worked but now that I've tried the girl's version I finally understand why so many men use it.

While intended to be used with Coochy cream, you can really use this with anything. If you shave with plain soap and water you can still use this as an after shave. I still recommend the cream, but it's not a necessity.

This bottle comes with 4 fl oz of product which should last a good amount of time if not used in large quantities.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

In the bottle, Coochy looks similar to what you would see when you're washing out a cup with soap and you've almost got all the soap out. There's just a few tiny bubbles that form up at the top after use but the rest is an almost clear liquid with a slight hint of yellow.

When sprayed on it feels like a cool mist of water. I rub mine in and the only time I can see anything is if I overdo the spray at which point it will turn white during rubbing. Again, kind of like there is soap in it. It doesn't feel sticky at all and dries to a matte finish. If you've used FDS it dries to a consistency somewhat similar to that but less chalky and without all the nasty fumes and the yucky feel that it leaves.

Taste / Aroma

During use Coochy has a lovely floral bouquet. It smells like a light perfume. The smell dissipates quickly so if you hate it you won't have to deal with it for long. When opened and sniffed, it smells like the floral smell when in use mixed with Bubble Yum. I'm kinda sad you can't smell the gummy part when you use it because I love Bubble Yum.

I didn't personally opt to take a swig of this seeing as it looked like it might taste like flowers and soap, but I did happen to spray this on prior to sex one night. My husband said he could taste it slightly but it didn't taste either bad or good. He couldn't pinpoint anything that it tasted similar to. He said it wasn't a chemical flavor though so that's a good thing. It wasn't bad enough for him to stop and he didn't really even notice anything until I apologized for spraying something.


The first test I ran on this was on the spray bottle seeing as that didn't require any time commitment. The bottle says it will spray upside down. Seeing as that's the ideal angle to spray this with, I had to try it out. The first time it didn't work at all. Every other time I haven't had an issue.

The bigger test was if it did what it claimed - did it provide a layer of protection after shaving to keep irritation at bay? I've been using this for a little over a week twice a day regardless of if I've shaved or not and I've got to say each day my skin looks a little better. Coochy did exactly what it said it would and even had a few bonus features that I'll go into in the experience section. The irritation protection lasted a good part of the day - around 12 hours before my clothes started to make my skin itchy again. There is really no clean up involved here as it's a clear spray. You'd be more likely to apply more than clean it off.


Coochy doesn't come in a box so the packaging is simply the bottle itself. It's quite girly so it might not appeal to less feminine people choosing to use the product. It comes in a baby pink bottle that features a silhouette of a naked woman on the front and "Coochy" in large lettering. The back talks about what the product is, how it works, and an ingredient listing.

The packaging isn't really discreet, with a naked woman (though it is done in a tasteful way) and the word Coochy in big letters. If you need to hide this you could get the sticker off with some goo be gone and pull it off as a spray perfume a la Bath and Body Works.

Personal comments


Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, proplene gylcol, polysorbate 20, lavendula angustifolia (lavender) flower/leaf/stem extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, chamomillia recutita (matricaria) flower extract, glycrrhiza glarbal (licorice) extract, echinacea, agustifolia extract, truthful vugare (wheat) germ extract, rubus idaeus (raspberry) fruit extract, epilobium angustifolium flower/leaf/stem extract, lilium candidum bulb extract, salvia officinalis (sage) extract, trifolium pretense (clover) extract, avens sativa (oat) extract, dipotassium glyrrhizate, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, benzyl alcohol, poluquaternium 10, potassium sorbate, disodium EDTA

Note that glycerin is the second ingredient on there. I don't have an extreme reaction to glycerin, but if used for more than an hour or over extended periods of time I will undoubtedly get a yeast infection. I have used this spray twice a day at about six pumps per use for a week and am yeast infection free. I have been extremely careful that no product gets inside or even near the inside of me. For those with glycerin sensitivity I recommend you do the same.


Did you know that shaved skin was supposed to be, well, skin toned? I did not. Ever since I started shaving my vaginal area has been red and inflamed. I pretty much assumed this was the case for everyone and just resigned myself to a life of irritation. I finally picked up Coochy cream not that long ago and decided to give this a try as well. I was concerned about the glycerin, but after being reassured that since it was an external product that I would likely be okay, I made the leap.

Within a week, my skin is almost fully healed from years of scratchy clothing and razor burn. My skin looks like skin. My uncomfortable work clothes that rub on me don't make me itch like crazy. I no longer have to adjust myself like a guy whose balls got out of whack. It's a nice feeling. I'm really impressed with the quick and drastic results this spray has produced. I'm even happier at the lack of itchiness throughout the day and how long lasting it is.

There's a special feature I noticed about this spray. I have this fun little issue where I sweat a ton from some medication I'm on. Gross, I know. Especially lovely for my girl parts. I've tried pretty much every over the counter feminine deodorant and mostly they're all junk. I found that Coochy spray had a nice deodorizing quality to it that kept everything dry and clean smelling. Yay! I couldn't smell the floral scent of the spray itself, but I couldn't smell anything else either. Just nice, clean nothingness. While everyone might not need this little bonus feature, those that do will be overjoyed to find it here. More than you wanted to know about me in that paragraph perhaps, but oh well.
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