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Don't shave without it!

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist does great against irritation and leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth. It has a light fragrance that smells fresh and clean. It has a 360 degree sprayer that allows you to spray from any angle and get it where you want it.
Thick but not greasy, fresh & clean smell, 360 degree sprayer.
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I have sensitive skin. Shaving is a pain in the ass, not because I mind the task but because I have such a problem finding products that won't annoy my delicate skin. I call it "expensitive" skin which is a combo of expensive and sensitive. The expensive comes in because all the products that don't kill my skin and have me itching like mad or breaking out tend to be expensive.

Then I got the chance to try Coochy After Shave Protection Mist. The first thing I did after removing the plastic was turn the bottle over and read the product description. Which I will display here now... "A silky-smooth after shaving mist forms a protective barrier between skin and clothing as it moisturizes and shields newly shaven skin. Pure botanical extracts provide a fresh fragrance, while their soothing properties soften skin and tighten pores - discouraging possible irritation to sensitive areas."

I admit, I was skeptical about it. I have very sensitive skin and was a little anxious about trying it. Still, I hopped into the shower after grabbing a can of shave gel and got to work. I shaved my arms, legs, armpits, bikini area... pretty much anywhere that had hair that wasn't my eyebrows or on top of my head. After I was done showering, I dried off and then wrapped up in my towel. I read over the bottle again and then pulled the cap off.

The bottle boasts about the "360 degree sprayer" that allows easy access to mist skin anywhere, from any angle you can think up, even upside down. No clogging, no dripping, no getting more on the floor and walls than you get on yourself. You just aim, press down and a fine mist sprays over your skin. The smell is slightly fruity, floral, even a little musky. It's a very pleasant scent and isn't very strong at all which is nice. It's a very fresh and clean smell. So many products are obnoxiously over-powering in their smell but thankfully you won't have that problem here.

Coochy is not the first after-shave mist I have ever tried. All of the others however have been watery and end up running all over the place. Coochy Protection Mist a little thick due to the fragrant oils in the product. While thick because of the oils, it's NOT greasy at all.

You don't have to rub it in, it does take a few minutes to dry though. Once it dries, your skin just feels soft and smooth. According to the label, it's supposed to form a protective barrier between your skin and your clothing as it shields freshly shaven skin. It also moisturizes the skin and helps tighten pores to prevent irritation. It does help your pores tighten. I had no irritation from my clothes rubbing against me the wrong way. It soothes itching skin and annoying bumps so well. Your skin is shielded and feels soft and smooth and it doesn't irritate me at all. Like I said, I have very sensitive skin but I was very happy with my first few times using this. You can even use it daily to keep your sensitive areas moisturized and prevent irritation.

I rarely ever cut myself shaving but I would imagine if you do cut yourself, make sure you don't get the mist into or on the cut. I can imagine it might just burn a little bit, lol.

I love this product. I got it free to try but when this bottle runs out, I'm definitely going to be buying more. Though, hopefully I have a job before it runs out or I'll have to go without it for a while. Which will suck because seriously, I love this stuff and love what it does for my bare skin.
Another thing that rocked, I put it on after I had showered at night. I applied the mist close to midnight and then when I woke up the following morning, my skin was still feeling smooth and refreshed. The feeling lasted on in to the early afternoon when it finally started wearing off.

I used it a couple more times and got the same great results. Then I had a thought and got to wondering if the product was really that good. My shave gel has moisturizers in it and is formulated to help sensitive skin. Same goes for my body wash.

So, I decided to put Coochy to the test. I shaved my legs and lady parts again a week later only this time, I didn't use moisturizing shave gel or sensitive skin soothing body wash. I grabbed my boyfriend's plain ol' bar soap that did nothing but clean my skin. No soothing, no moisturizing, no exfoliating, nothing special at all... just good and clean bar soap. I lathered it up and used the soap to shave everything over again. Then I lathered up after I shaved and washed my body off. By the time I was done showering, I was itching like mad and my skin was pissed off at me for doing what I had done. I dried off quickly, grabbed a bottle of my nourishing lotion in case this was where the Coochy would fail me and ran off into the bedroom. I quickly misted the fuck out of all the areas I had just shaved. The mist comes out cool so the cool felt good against my hot skin. It took about 15 to 20 seconds for the Coochy to start soothing the itch but it did. I didn't need my snazzy lotion or anything else. It dried and my skin was free of bumps, irritation and itch. It felt soft, smooth and wonderful. I was quite happy with the outcome Coochy provided. Even more so due to the fun I later had getting my boyfriend to test the feel of my wonderful soft, smooth skin under his hands. He loves what Coochy After Shave Protection Mist does too. ;)
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    Nice review. I love the mental image of you running to the bedroom with your spray and angry skin!

    Did it list the ingredients on the bottle?
  • Ashly Star
    Thank you! I was cursing and hoping I didn't do something really stupid in doing that, lol. Luckily it worked out fine. =o)

    It did list the ingredients. If you would like to know what exactly it contains, I will happily grab the bottle and add an ingredients list to the review. =o)
  • deceased
    Great review and great sounding product. Its always good to find something that works!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I have a (non-sex related) product that actually forms a barrier I can feel. Could you feel this as a barrier or did it just feel soft?
  • Ashly Star
    Thank you! It really is a great product. I just actually purchased a new bottle of it recently because I was almost out.

    Oh very cool. =o) You could actually feel the barrier. It was slight but you could tell. What is the product that you use? I'd be curious to try it as well and see if I liked it better or not.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very nice review Big smile

    nice title name Tongue out
  • Trashley
    Great review. I think I need somea this!
  • AMGuidroz
  • Blonde
    Thanks for review
  • Lady Neshamah
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  • Ghost
    Looks like a great product! Thanks for the review!
  • LilLostLenore
    I pluck my cootchie hairs
  • LadyDarknezz
    Whoa I totally want that! I dread razor bumps so I'm glad that there's actually something out there that helps prevent that annoying shit! GREAT REVIEW!
  • Cat E.
    I appreciate the review!
  • MK434
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