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Platinum silicone lubricant reviews

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If you want an alternative to your water-based lubes, then definitely use this lube. It works great for anal sex! A little goes a long way so you really get your money worth in this bottle.

If you haven't used silicone lube before, this is a great way to gain experience to them. The cost really isn't much, and for the majority of sexual encounters, this lube delivers. I haven't experienced a non-water based lube that wasn't off-putting texture wise for me when it came time for some oral ministrations, but if used sparingly prior to oral, this lube is not 'horribly bad'. I'd easily recommend this for a standard good lube.

I would recommend this lube to anyone! It doesn't stink or get sticky, and it does exactly what it claims. I'm willing to put in a little clean-up time in exchange for the go-anywhere, play-however-long nature of this product...

This lubricant packs a punch in a small bottle (or large bottle, whichever you choose). Top of the line silicone lubricant to enhance your play and a little bit goes a long way!

Like I said in the Pros section, you don't need to use half the bottle to do whatever you need it to do, a few drops will do the job and then some.

Silicone lubricants are one of a kind. This lube is soft, silky, smooth, and relatively long-lasting - but it may be a bit too thin for a lot of sex or anal.

Overall, it's not a bad lube; it just wears off faster than I would like and becomes sticky rather than absorbing completely. It doesn't smell, cleans up easily, and feels great when it hasn't dried up.

If you're looking for a super slippery lubricant to make for a very good time, then this is the product for you. It is definitely worth the price.

Wet Platinum is too staining and too hard to clean. It is very runny compared to other lubes. Silicone lubes are not my favorite and this one did not win me over. I would look at other silicone lubes before choosing one.

I think this is a great, long-lasting lube. Slick and smooth, easy to clean and easy to apply. I would buy it again (if I ever run out!).

This is a lube that I would highly recommend. The price is rather high for such a small bottle, but in my opinion it is totally worth it. My husband loves how it makes his junk feel baby butt smooth after sex.

Overall, I think this item is worth buying because it feels great, works well, and lasts a long time. I read some reviews on this and I felt I had to get this; and when I did, I didn't regret it. The only little problem I have with it is since it's oily, it's a little harder to wash off, and once it gets on the outside of the bottle it makes the bottle oily. You can wipe it off a million times but it still stays oily, so it can get a little messy!

This lube didn't really work out for us as a good lube for anal sex. It ended up being too thin to keep it good.

This is really the best Wet lube I have tried, if only it was flavored and it would be one of my favorites of all time. It is slightly on the pricey side for what I like to spend on lube, but it is worth every penny. One little bottle has lasted us almost a year.

This product is incredible and puts all other lubricants (that I've tried at least) to shame. It is safe to use with condoms, but sadly, not for silicone toys.

Wet Platinum Bodyglide is just an all-around good lube. It does what you want a lube to do and it feels nice doing it. It has the same pros and cons of other comparable silicone-based lubricants but a product has to be good when you try it for the first time and never feel the need to try anything else, which has been our experience with this lube.

Just like with any lube, you need to decide a good amount to use. When you use just a little dab of Wet Platinum, you're most likely going to have a good time.

Overall a great lube and would tell anyone who would ask me what I would suggest. Just love how slick it gets with so little needed, and how long this lasts. This is definitely well worth it for my wife and I, haven't found anything else so far that stacks up.

Personally, I would probably use this product again, but not for pegging or anal penetration. Masturbation or a little extra lube added to vaginal penetration is probably where it performs the best. If given the choice, I'd more than likely choose another lube over this one. So if you are needing to squeeze an "elephant through a window", this lube is NOT for you. But if you just want to add some "suds to the (already wet) slip-n-slide" this may be your cup of tea.

I love it. Works wonders for my needs and keeping the love flowing (since I don't have to reapply as often).

Long lasting, silky, and a small drop goes a long way. A little annoying to wash off, but completely worth it. Our most used lube.

It's a fantastic, super-smooth, silicone-based lubricant that will last a long time in a bottle that won't leak when turned sideways.

When I run out, I'm going to look around for another product. It certainly performed well when combined with another product, but it was just too thin to use for masturbation. A small amount covered a lot of skin, but no matter how much I used, it wasn't that great. When combined with just a tiny bit of another form of lube, it made an excellent combination that was much more slippery than either product by itself, but it was a mess to have to add a second container to the equation.

If you can look past its messy nature the Wet Platinum Bodyglide lubricant by Wet Lubricants is definitely worth the investment. It's great for making things super slick and you won't need much to achieve maximum slipperiness so the bottle will last a long time too.

It's your basic silicone lube. There's no pretty color, no smells, no special flavors... Just plain old colorless lube. It lubes up your orifices and toys and keeps them lubed for quite some time. It may not be the best lube in the world, but it's not a terrible deal. It's reasonably priced and it performs pretty well.

If you're looking for an inexpensive silicone lubricant that lasts a long time, then Wet platinum is a good silicone lubricant to try. One word of caution is that it doesn't wash away easily even though the bottle claims it does.

This is a lubricant I've been using for many years, in many different situations, and it's never done me wrong. It's my go-to for rear entry and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Wet Platinum is an awesome all around lube. It's slick, silky, and non-sticky. Need I say more? Try it and just hold on and enjoy the ride!

Definitely a keeper. While there are downsides to it being so slippery, like staining and an oily bottle, overall it performs really well. Excellent and doesn't go sticky and no adverse reactions to any ingredients like many other products.

Out of all the lubes I have used, I think this one is the best for me and my partner, especially for the price.

Wet Platinum lubricant is a MUST if you love sex in the water. It is thin, long-lasting, and works well for all areas, in all situations. It feels great on your skin and though it may not be the best with some toys, this wonderful lube will allow you to have long, passionate play sessions in your favorite watery area. The price may seem steep, but this little bottle goes a LONG way and is definitely worth the price. Try Wet Platinum and have wet and wild fun for hours on end.

All in all, this lube is a standard silicone lube. I do not think it particularly stands out as the best lube. On the other hand, it is of good quality, and definitely worth the buy. In general, I would suggest this lube but on the condition you are not attempting anal with it.

It’s on the pricey side but it’s worth it and you’ll have it for a while considering you don’t have to use much to get your desired effect. Its trending on my blog and it gets 5-stars from me!

The Wet Platinum Bodyglide is a sexy, silky, and sensual lube that will spice up any bedroom experience. It glides right over your skin and leaves you feeling velvety and smooth so there's no reason to wash it off. With water resistant properties it is fantastic for use in the bath or shower. You definitely won't be disappointed with this product!!

For shower or tub sex, this lube is perfect, however removal can be a bit tricky. We learned, after one of our less than brilliant ideas, that Dawn dish soap is an excellent product to have around when you are trying to remove this from your skin, hair and other areas. Nothing beats silicone for long-lasting, slippery glide but the removal and after affects can make it a less than desirable product.

I've purchased this lube twice now, so it's a definite winner in my book despite the drawbacks. Out of all of the lubes in my collection, I reach for this first and most often.

This is my favorite lube for any application where a silicone toy is not involved. It's economical since you don't have to use much. I honestly don't bother trying other lubes because I don't know how it could get better.

A little bit goes a LONG way. It's a great feeling lube that doesn't make a big mess. I find it to be absolutely worth the price. It is a fantastic lube.

Due to this product's limitations, I will most likely not purchase it again. I was really put off to find out that it stains fabric and began to question why some people swear by silicone based lubes. The negatives on Wet Platinum simply outweigh the positives for me. I might just keep it for the shower, but I doubt I'll ever use it all.

It may not be the perfect lube. But it does have a lot going for it. It's a great lube for intercourse or solo manual play or with non silicone toys. It does most of what it advertises perfectly, and you won't find such a smooth ride with a water based lubricant. However, if you want something that tastes like pie, warms up, cools down and then does the dishes, keep looking. This is a pretty basic silicone lubricant. If you take it for what it is, you won't likely be disappointed.

As a silicone lubricant, it's not as multipurpose as it should be because it is too thin. You'll be able to find a place in your toy play for this lubricant, but it's not something you'll reach for a lot. We sure don't. It's way too think and runny.

If you are looking for a high performance lube at reasonable price then you should give Wet Platinum a shot. I wish I had discovered it years ago.

Like I've said, hands down the best anal lube I've ever tried. It is the only full sized silicone based lube I've ever bought, the rest have been trial or sample sizes. It would take a sheer miracle to get me to purchase any other brand beside this one.

This lube has good value, especially if you find yourself stopping to reapply lube. A small bottle will last a long time. This lube is excellent for anything that does not involve toys made of silicone.

This product is simply amazing. Compared to water-based lubes, this one is leaps ahead of them. The only issue is that it is a bit more pricey than the regular lubes, but it is well worth it.

Wet Platinum is the best lube for masturbation and/or sex. This higher price is completely worth it! It's concentrated, so a small bottle will last longer than your average water based lubes. Get ready for some slippery action!

Overall, this is a mediocre lube. It does not provide enough lubrication to make penetration comfortable for me. It is waterproof, but it is also virtually impossible to wash off ANYTHING! It will always have a place in my home... as a hair product.

This lube is SO worth it. You might spend a little more, but its cost is nothing compared to the amount of enjoyment you will get out of this lube. A little bit goes a very long way. Whatever is your cup of tea, this lube will work with you!

Wet Platinum Body-glide is definitely worth it. Not only does it do what's expected, it goes the extra mile. This is the best lube I've used to date.

Wet Platinum Bodyglide is an excellent silicone lube and costs less than many lubes in its class. A jack-of-all-trades lubricant, Wet Platinum will perform well at most tasks. Though its performance under running water is a bit lackluster, women who don't want to use much soap near their vaginas will enjoy the easy cleanup relative to other silicone lubricants.

Always a #1 choice. You just can't go wrong. When I want a lube on hand, I've always run for Wet Platinum.

If you don't have this lubricant by your bed side table, go and get it now. It makes things so much fun and smooth.

If your gonna use this product or buy it, make sure you aren't sensitive to the ingredients. What may work for you may not work for others.

Wet Platinum Bodyblide is a classic silicone based lube that works for almost anything to do with sex, save for silicone based toys. It is the perfect thing for water play as well.

Very slick lube that works well in almost any situation. Seems to last forever with very little application, even in the tub or shower. Even though it seems expensive at first, you'll soon find out it is worth every penny.

This is a great long lasting silicone lube that I have recommended over and over again. Great for vaginal or anal! Reasonably priced for, in my opinion, such a great lube.

I stand by this product Wet platinum. this is the only lube that is going in my stash or until they come up with something better. this product did what it was set out to do gives the ultimate pleasure you are seeking guaranteed. Worth every penny. i would defiantly recommend this to anyone seeking the ultimate pleasure and climax (orgasm) ever. Two thumbs and a cock way up for WET PLATINUM.

I think that this product is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a silicone lubricant that has incredible staying power. However, if clean up is something that you are a stickler about then you might want to consider something else. I would and have recommended this to friends. I'm not sure I would buy it again because I enjoy trying new things all the time, but I know it is something I would have no problem picking up again if I was in a jam and had to just run out and buy some.

A silicone based lubricant that comes in a 2.5 ounce bottle always works for me, especially when it's Wet's Platinum lubricant. This lube worked great, and it was silky smooth and long lasting as well. I loved it, and you might just love it too!

Absolutely fantastic and worth every penny. A fabulous lubricant for anal intercourse and personal pleasure. Just make sure you clean up afterwards!

This lube is very silky and slick. Perfect for those long play sessions it can also be used as a massage product. Hypoallergenic and glycerin free this product wont irritate sensitive users. A great introduction to silicone lubricant.

Wet platinum isn’t like other lubricant. It’s different in so many ways. Helpful into easing into something new, soft and skin like, so many different reasons to buy it. Why not?

Wet Platinum Body Glide is a slick, silky feeling silicone based lubricant. It is long lasting and affordable. Platinum Bodyglide is odorless, tasteless, and non-staining. It is also body friendly.

Best lubricant I have ever used. The price may be a bit pricey, but the amount of time that it lasts is amazing. This is perfect for couples or even self play. Definitely something you want to keep by your bedside or even by the tub.

WET PLATINUM® one of the best lubes for masturbation. WET PLATINUM® is economical because you don'y need to use gallons and it can be refreshed with a few drops of water/spit instead of continually adding more lube. If you're a man who produces copious amounts of pre-cum they work well together. WET PLATINUM®is also a good lube to use for Bare-Back anal fucking. WET PLATINUM® is odorless and virtually tasteless so you can even suck cock if it's lubed up with a WET INT'L® product.

This item is great for any person or couple. It's great for quickies, marathon sessions or use with toys. It feels great and lasts a long time.

All in all, I’d say that the Wet Premium Bodyglide is worth the investment. While it costs more than water-based lubes, it also lasts longer and is much more slick and natural feeling. It is a shame it can wreck porous toys, though I would keep a bottle of water-based lubricant around just for that reason.

Worth every penny. Compared to water-based lube I'd say it's actually cheaper because the amount you need to use is so much less. If you're looking for a good lube to use during sex you should definitely give this a try.

Wet Platinum Bodyglide is a decent, fairly priced, thin and slippery, long lasting silicone lube that works well in most situations. It's available in smaller sized bottles which makes it easy to take it for a test drive before investing in a large bottle. Wet Platinum is easy to clean, easily absorbed, and reduces friction without the gel like feel, flaking, grittiness or drying up you can get with water based lubes.

The Platinum Wet Bodyglide is a great buy for water related activities, as long as you use caution when exiting the tub or shower.

As far as silicone lubricants go, Wet Platinum Bodyglide is the worst brand I've ever tried. Most of it washes away in water, but the remaining vestiges still need to be washed away with soap, and it gets tacky after a half hour or so. Steer clear of this lubricant!

Most lube dry out fast or do not last in the bed! This stuff will not disappoint as some lubes do.

If you really want to get some action going, this is the lube you're looking for. It's not greasy or sticky. I don't think it's ever left a mark anywhere. I actually think it makes a good moisturizer. My skin always feels very soft after wiping it off. Please have a look at my blog for the full review and my experience.

Definitely my favorite lubricant. It is versatile and very effective! Just don't spill it or use too much...You'll find you have quite a mess on your hands (or floor, or carpet, or genitals...)

Wet platinum bodyglide made my playtime fun, with or without my husband. There isn't too much more I could possibly say except try this out and enjoy it as much as I did!

Wat Platinum is a quality product that would probably work well for the right person and situations (no condoms or silicone based toys!); however, I am not that person.

Wet Platinum Bodyglide is not the best silicone lube I've ever used. It is not as slick or as waterproof as other silicone-based products I've tried, it tends to get tacky, and it requires frequent reapplication.

I like Wet Platinum, especially for anal sex, or skin on skin (w/o condoms). It's a bummer that it can't be all purpose since it's no good for silicone toys.

Aside from the occasional need to reapply and that it could be a tad bit more slippery, this is one of the best lubes I’ve used. It feels like the real thing, is waterproof, and lasts a decent while.

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