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Wat Platinum is a quality product that would probably work well for the right person and situations (no condoms or silicone based toys!); however, I am not that person.
Waterproof, pretty bottle with textured grip, not sticky, very slick
Caused unusual irritation, prone to tip and spill because of height and loose cap
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Wet Platinum is one of the first higher end lubricants I tried when I decided to break away from drug store names. It's also the first silicone based lubricant I've ever used. I had decided to go this route because of the many wonderful things I'd heard about silicone based lubes and because I was interested in something that would be waterproof. My experience with Wet Platinum Bodyglide|Wet platinum bodyglide is mixed.

The product arrived in a slinky black bottle. Wet Platinum is encased in the little black dress of packaging and I was fairly impressed. It even had a unique textured hand hold to keep the bottle firmly in place when things get a little slippery.

It's important to note that silicone based lubricants|Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with silicone toys or condoms. For these pursuits, a water based lubricant is what you need. I was planning to use this with a non-silicone toy and with my husband in the shower.

At first, I was impressed. The formula was slick, not sticky, and seemed to work extremely well. I wouldn't say it worked better than any other lubricant I had used, but it worked well. Then, something began to change. Each time I would use this lubricant, I would find my ladyparts had a burning sensation after play. It felt as though I had used no lubrication and my skin had been stretched or even torn during play. However, there were no tears, just a very uncomfortable, burning sensation.

Because of that, I lessened my use of this product. I still would use it in the shower and it did work fairly well for that. Water based lubricants|Water based lubricants will wash right off in a wet environment and water itself actually can be drying when it comes to sexual lubrication. I found that this helped to make playtime in the shower much easier, especially with the angles we were using which were unique to the tub and slightly tricky. Still, even the water of the shower didn't prevent the painful sensation I would experience afterward.

I wound up tossing this lube. If it was making me feel like I hadn't used any lube at all, it wasn't really doing its job. I also found that the sleek little bottle kept falling over - it was very tall and narrow and prone to tipping - and the cap wasn't very secure which meant spills of Wet Platinum all over. I didn't have to time or attention to dedicate to the bottle in the throes of passion and that's something I'd rather not worry about.

I'm not sure what happened between the first and last time I used Wet Platinum Bodyglide|Wet platinum bodyglide review. What started out as a pleasant experience resulted in painful side effects and made playtime less pleasurable than it could have been. I may have developed an allergy or irritation to this specific lube or perhaps I have a general irritation when it comes to all silicone based lubes - I haven't used any other so I cannot be sure.

Nevertheless, I believe my experience with Wet Platinum|Wet platinum bodyglide is unusual and I would suggest for anyone who has used silicone based lubricants with success may want to try this product. It initially worked very well and did work well for wet situations such as in the shower. However, I would suggest keeping an eye on the bottle so it doesn't knock over; otherwise, you'll soon end up with spills everywhere and cleaning lubricant from carpet (or fur and hair from the bottle) is no fun!
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  • Contributor: Essin' Em
    Silicone lube actually *can* be used with condoms; not problem there.  You just can't use it with silicone toys :) (also, for further reference, you can't use oil based lubes with latex condoms...not that oil based lube is very good for the body in general!)
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    Thanks Em. All this sex toy talk certainly gets one all excited and typing too quickly! LOL
  • Contributor: Nashville
    I keep all my lubes in little zip lock bags. It prevents any damage to my cloths or carpeting.
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Excellent review!
  • Contributor: Xeff
    I myself have had a very unpleasant expereince with the WET Platinum product. I had the urge to urinate all of the time then began urinating PUSS and then Finally Urinating BLOOD, Yes blood. I have seen the doctors 4 times now as we have been trying to figure out what the problem is and now we found out it was this product that was causing it. Lawsuit anyone. where is the possible side effects on their website or on the bottle.
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