There are WAY better silicone lubes out there!

As far as silicone lubricants go, Wet Platinum Bodyglide is the worst brand I've ever tried. Most of it washes away in water, but the remaining vestiges still need to be washed away with soap, and it gets tacky after a half hour or so. Steer clear of this lubricant!
A little goes a long way; stays slick long enough for short sessions.
Barely waterproof; gets sticky; bitter taste; stains.
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I'll be honest here: I am not a huge fan of silicone lubricants. I really don't care for sex or masturbation in pools, bath tubs, or other bodies of water, so its waterproof qualities don't appeal to me much, and I hate the fact that you need soap to get it off of your body. With that said, I have been impressed by a silicone lubricant before: Toko Silicone. Alas, Toko Silicone remains the ONLY silicone lube that I've ever enjoyed, as I remain wholely unimpressed with Wet Platinum.

Wet Platinum Bodyglide is packaged in a sleek black bottle with a snap-off cap. It isn't a very discreet bottle, so if you have guests in your bedroom a lot, you may want to keep that in mind.

The lubricant itself is clear and very runny, with a consistency similar to that of sugar water. I wish it tasted like sugar water, too, because it tastes incredibly bitter. I've noticed that several other reviewers didn't detect a taste, so I thought maybe I was reviewing the wrong lubricant; however, a quick check of bottle proved that it is, indeed, Wet Platinum Bodyglide. (Maybe I just got a bad batch...?) On the upside, this lubricant is scentless, and because it looks a lot like natural vaginal juices, it makes your vulva look super-sexy.

Like most silicone lubricants, Wet Platinum Bodyglide is very slick. It has a soft, velvety texture when you rub it between your fingers, and a tiny drop will go a long way. This slickness makes vaginal penetration a breeze, but it's not thick enough to provide the required "cushioning" for anal penetration.

Another downside to this lubricant is that it starts to feel a bit greasy after 20 minutes, and it gets a little sticky if your play session goes on for more than half an hour. Considering premium silicone lubes stay slick for hours on end, I was annoyed to no end with Wet's short life span.

I also noticed that Wet is not as impervious to water as other silicone lubricants. Now, I am a super-clean person, so I am naturally much more attracted to basic water lubricants, which will absorb in to my skin with no residue. However, when I do use a silicone lubricant, I want it to do what silicone lubricants are known for: stay put when I'm in water and NOT absorb in to my skin. I tested this lubricant's staying power in a shower stall, and after being submerged for less than a minute, most of this lubricant had washed off. There was still a smidgen of lubricant on my vulva--enough that I had to wash myself with soap, much to my sensitive genitalia's annoyance--but not enough that I would have felt comfortable being penetrated.

And therein lies another issue with silicone lubricants in general, including Wet Platinum Bodyglide: 99% of the time, you need to use soap to remove them completely. If you're like me and you have a sensitive vulva that tends to get itchy when soap touches it, silicone lubricant is probably not a good idea... especially not this silicone lubricant, which will just get tacky on you and therefore isn't worth the trouble. This cloying nature of silicone lubricants can also make it a bit hard to grasp your toys or partner, since the residue will stick to your hands until you wash them, so keep that in mind.

The nail in Wet Platinum Bodyglide's coffin is the fact that it stains horribly. After masturbing with Wet and the XTreme Pack bullet, I decided to do a "stain test": I set the lube-moistened bullet down on a towel, which was folded over twice, and walked away for 10 minutes. When I returned, the lubricant had soaked through both layers of the towel and was starting to soak in to my carpet. The stains will not come out of my towel completely, no matter how I wash it.

In the end, I simply cannot recommend Wet Platinum Bodyglide. There are much better silicone lubricants out there, silicone lubricants that stay slick, come in more discreet bottles, don't stain as horribly, and stand up to water play.
While I openly admit to favoring water-based lubricants over silicone-based ones, I also want to point out that my dislike of Wet Platinum has nothing to do with its "normal silicone properties," like the fact that I have to wash it away with soap. I fully expect that I will have to use soap to clean myself up after using a silicone lubricant. However, if I'm going to soap up my sensitive vulva, I want it to be worth it: I want that silicone lube to stand up to my shower, and I want it to stay slick for a long period of time. Toko Silicone earned my affection; Wet Platinum Bodyglide does not.

Also, because this lubricant is silicone-based, make sure you spot test your silicone toys before using the two together. Otherwise, you may accidentally ruin your silicone toys!
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