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Dream massager G reviews

79 reviews
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79 reviews

This is a strong, yet quiet, vibrator and it's amazing for the price. It's a great toy for a first time user, but it does have a wide girth, so be prepared for that. The strong vibrations give amazing orgasms.

A hardy and reliable vibrator that targets the g-spot excellently and is extremely quiet, making it perfect for dorm-dwellers and people who don't like noisy vibes.

This toy was well worth what I paid for it. While the motor is still running strong and shows no signs of failing me any time soon, I already know it's one I wouldn't hesitate to replace if/when it dies on me.

Overall, I'd say that this toy is worth it considering I used it on a regular basis until it stopped working. I bought it with the intentions of stimulating my G-Spot, but ended up enjoying it for clitoral stimulation instead.

This toy is a must have for newbies to the vibe game. It's a great way to figure out what kind of vibrations you like. The vibrations focused at the tip, makes it great for pinpoint use. When I used this vibe, I found out that I'm not a fan of deep thuddy vibrations. I don't regret trying this toy, as I learned something about my body in the process.

This toy is totally worth it, especially for the price. For someone looking for strong, deep vibrations that target the g-spot while also stimulating the rest of the vagina, this toy is really perfect! Even though this toy is a bit shorter than I like, it really is my favorite due to all its other amazing features. I love that it comes in so many fun colors as well.

The strong vibrations and ease of cleaning make this toy a must have! The price is also amazing. I love this toy. I just wish it would have lasted longer. I will definitely get another one... along with an 18 pack of AAs!

The Dream Massager G is a g-spot vibrator from Cal exotics. It's a middle of the road g-spot toy that offers girth and rumbly vibrations, but lacks the length to reach deeper g-spots. If you've got an easy to reach g-spot, then this is a winner, but for me, I was left wanting more.

This Dream Massager really is a DREAM. It feels great, works great, and for its price it just can't be beat!

This is a great product, I love how cheap it is, and the amazing colors that it comes in, plus the fact that it is just overall one of my favorite vibes, I have no trouble recommending this product to everyone, including beginners.

WORTH IT!!! Excellent price for the quality and quantity of orgasms I have enjoyed, thanks to this little guy. Great for travel, virtually silent, and easy to clean!

I was very pleasantly surprised with this toy. Even though it didn't get me over the edge, it got me very, very close with the deep, rumbly vibrations that it offers. Prior to experiencing this, I've never had such amazingly deep vibrations. The texture is lovely, and the sensations that the curve and bulge give are tantalizing.

This may be a bit much for a first-time vibrator, but strong, adjustable vibrations at a good price make this toy a great addition to a collection. Don't forget the lube and batteries!

Not the best and a bit disappointing. If you're looking for something filling this may be a good option, but as far as g-spot and vibrations go, there are better ones out there.

After buying this vibrator, I do not feel the need to buy another one (at least not at this point) because I really do enjoy it. It is a pretty basic toy without a lot of bells and whistles as some of the other vibrators out there but you could classify this toy as a kind of "work horse" if you will; it will certainly get the job done.

The shape is perfectly attuned to my G-spot, but the battery terminals are so difficult to line up with the batteries, that I have entirely given up on using it as a vibrator. With a slight redesign, this could be a great vibe. Until then, I wouldn't bother.

Overall the Dream massager G was able to live up to it's name. It is a very impressive toy that I would recommend to anyone looking for a cheap, easy to use, waterproof G spot toy.

This was my first, so I am satisfied with it as a first timer. The one disappointing feature of this was that it was a lot harder than I expected, even after reading reviews. Other than the hardness and the occasional needing-to-be-turned knob, I was very happy and would recommend this to anyone looking to add a cheap but satisfyingly stylish toy to their collection.

I'm in love with the first sex toy that I ever bought with a motor! The three speed settings, combined with the fact that it only requires two AA batteries make this massager rank very high up on any list of toys that I have seen. This massager will certainly see more use from me in the future, and it is highly recommended from one beginner to another.

The toy is a fantastic deal with its low price. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a g-spot vibrator. But, order it knowing it is a little girthy and may take some time to get used to if you are new to larger things.

The Dream Massager G by California Exotics is a powerhouse! This sleek and adorable vibe offers deep rumbly vibrations that I haven't even been able to find in more expensive toys. If you are a beginner to G-spot orgasms or you just want to own a new G-spot vibe, this toy is for you! Your toy box simply isn't complete without this vibe!

If you're looking for an inexpensive and fun toy that will get the job done, look no further!! This toy is waterproof, is relatively quiet, has strong vibrations, and fits any budget.

This rumbly-vibrating, waterproof, G-spot vibe is an excellent, non-wallet-emptying addition to any sex toy collection -- as long as you don't mind not using rechargeable batteries.

The Dream Massager G is not a bad item. It features some relatively strong vibrations and is waterproof, but the fact that the vibrations do not carry to the tip of the toy as well as I would like make it hard for me to love this toy.

I would recommend this product as something to just have. It's affordable and durable and the vibrations can be felt throughout the entire toy which is an enormous plus, so it's great for clitoral stimulation (low settings though). You can evoke the mythical squirt with certain positions, speeds, angles, etc. (It's possible girls!)

It is a pretty good product for the price and has different varieties of vibration. It is not a battery guzzler like some toys that I have experienced. It could stand to be softer. That might make the toy more comfortable to use for beginner and intermediate toy users.

There are some great qualities about this vibe: waterproof, easy to use, non-intimidating colors and size. But the G-spot curve was just too sharp and left me sore and unsatisfied. These rumbles were just not the ones for me.

Could this be a fun toy? Probably. For the price, I think it's worth a shot as long as you realize it's not a dainty toy and is all business for the most part.

This item isn't worth it, just simply disappointing when there was so much excitement! If you are small, it doesn't fit and the g-spot curve will drive you crazy! It won't reach the right spots you need for stimulation, it just pokes you. I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to spend $20 to loosen your tense shoulders.

This little gizmo gets her going. Isn't that what it should do? She does wish it were a little longer, but it works for her otherwise.

The deep vibrations are definitely the best thing this toy has going for it. The thickness and hardness maybe be too much for a lot of users to use internally, but because the vibrations are so rumbly and strong this is great (albeit bulky and loud) for external use.

Dream Massager G is a great shaped vibrator that should work well no matter your experience level. It has a wonderful shape, is pretty easy to hide, and has an extremely quiet sound which makes it an excellent choice if you're living with a roommate. The design won't work for everyone's anatomy, but it's inexpensive enough that it's worth a shot!

I find myself very happy after a session with the Dream Massager. I wish I could fill a basket with these brilliantly colored vibes and pass them out at work. I would have a much Happier workplace. For an Inexpensive toy, this one really delivers and it's filling too!

This is a great vibrator for beginners and more advanced users. Great range of speed and very versatile. Water proof, easy to handle and attractive.

This is an outstanding g-spot vibe. It's perfect for your clit, too. It's simply the best all-around toy that I've ever tried, and it's easy to get creative with.

The repeated use of this product may cause your vagina to become sore, so I recommend using other toys in between the use of this product. This product does allow for great orgasms, but at the same time you have to make sure that your not getting sore from using it too much. This product do

I found this to be an excellent toy, as it provides superb, deep vibrations for g-spot stimulation and vaginal insertion. It's a simple, powerful, quiet toy that is inexpensive too.

If you are looking for a girthy and easy to clean G-Spot vibe that will rock your world, this is it. It has curves in all the right places and lubes up very nicely.

Inexpensive, quiet, cute, waterproof - what more could you ask for? Use it for your G spot or clit and you will be pleased.

If you're looking for an economical, waterproof, G-spot Vibrator, look no farther. This offers deep and rumbly yet quiet vibrations that hit all the right places. It's great for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot, or any other erogenous zone. I don't know why I waited so long to buy it.

The Dream Massager G is a great value for what it is. it gives great vibrations, makes little noise and can provide firm G-spot stimulation. As long as you're okay with the girth of this toy, this could be a great addition to your collection.

The Dream Massager G is a velvety plastic vibrator that sends out some seriously deep, leg shaking vibrations. The PU coated plastic does an excellent job transmitting those strong vibrations all throughout the pelvic region. If you are looking for some intense G-spot stimulation, the Dream G is the way to go. This fun shaped vibrator also comes in some very pretty jewel tone colors for those who like their toys to be stylish as well as functional.

The Dream Massager G is a simple looking, thoughtfully designed and highly effective vibrator. The motor is extremely quiet and the vibrations are nicely deceptive. Do not let its small size fool you, the unique and satisfying vibrations of the Dream surprised me by being a G-spot hitting missile and excellent deep tissue massager. For the recent forecast of heavy showers...thank goodness it is waterproof since it has a tendency to create some very heavy showers when I use it.

This is the first vibrator I have found that can really pinpoint my G-spot. It is curved just right and has a smaller tip for more concentrated sensations. It packs a good amount of power and works wonders internally and externally, and to top it all off, it's waterproof!

The Dream Massager G is best for those that like a girthier toys and buzzy vibrations. I do not fall into this criteria so it was not the perfect match for me. I like that it has a curve for g-spot exploration and should be suitable for those who are wanting to do some g-spot exploration.

I expected too much of this dream and was let down hard. The shape and size just didn't wind up working out for me and there's just not much else use for it. This is a toy that is doomed to sit in a drawer unused.

Simply put- This is an amazing vibrator that will do anything and everything you need it to do, it can be used on you and on your lover for an intimate night filled with the best dreams you could ever ask for. I have recommended this to many of my close friends and have no trouble recommending it to you either.

If you're looking for a toy with a great design and deep vibrations then The Dream Massager G is for you. It will rumble its way to your heart while giving you a nice full feeling. You can even bring it along to the shower or tub. The pleasure is endless with this dream machine.

While the Dream Massager was all but a dream for me, at this low price why not give it a shot? What doesn't work for me may fit you like a glove.

This is a winner, simply because its quality surpasses the price EF is asking for it. It was a perfect surprise when I first felt it. Do not miss out on this one.

Overall I would have to say I feel this was a good purchase. The experience I had was unfortunate but may not be shared by others. I enjoyed the clitoral stimulation, vibrations and the girth. As a first time g-spot vibe it is not intimidating and easy to use.

It wasn't curved enough to hit my g-spot very well, but it had so many other pros - waterproof, powerful vibrations, satisfying shape, wide range of settings - that it's still my go-to toy, and well worth the price.

For the price, the Dream Massager G cannot be beat for G-spot stimulation. The pointed tip helps you locate and apply pressure to your G-spot. The vibrations are surprisingly deep and intense throughout the length of the toy. The thick bulge provides a full feeling. It can even do double duty by providing pinpoint clitoral stimulation. It really is a dream.

Although not my go-to toy, its strength, versatility, and ability to use in water makes this a great addition to any collection, especially for the price.

Though the price is great, this product is not worth it to me. I think it could work well for specific body types, but it is by no means a 'one size fits all.' And if you have any questions as to whether or not it will work for you, I would move on to something else.

If you're looking for a perfect G-spot toy, like I was, you have a 50/50 chance of finding it with this toy. I found the shape of the Dream Massager G to be frustrating, and it left me with a sore wrist when I tried to orgasm with it the way the manufacturer intended.

This is an amazing toy at a very reasonable price, and it outshines many toys well above its price point. The vibrations are deep and rumbly and are incredibly pleasurable. It's waterproof and easy to clean, and it's excellent for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It's one of my favorite toys and always leaves me very satisfied.

In short, my experience with the Dream Massager G has been great so far, I have had it for a few months now, and it has been doing great! I admit though, I have yet to use it in the shower personally, but I have put it into water to make sure that it was waterproof, so no worries there!

If you know where your G spot is, this will be a perfect toy for you as the tip is great at pin pointing any spot you can get it to, and will no doubt give you a great G-spot massage. If you have not found your G-spot yet, I really think this toy will help find it for you. If you love that filled up feeling, this toy will certainly fill you up with hard, girthy, deep rumbling vibrations. An excellent toy for clitoral stimulation, as it hones in on any spot with an almost eager readiness.

Overall I have enjoyed my time spent with The Dream massager G. He won't be the first vibrator that I reach for but he has found his place within my collection. His thuddy, rumbling vibrations have gotten him some special attention that no other vibrator has earned and for that, I can live with his cons.

The Dream Massager G packs a lot of vibrational punch into its modestly sized body. Its vibrations are deep and satisfying. Its not the best choice for use as a clitoral vibrator, but it excels as for G-spot stimulation.

This toy is a great toy for G-spot stimulation and I can't recommend it enough. It's truly amazing. Check it out!

I was looking forward to reviewing this toy, and really wanted to love it. The bright colours, the shape, multiple modes, waterproof... all of those were checking the right boxes, and I should have loved it. I didn't.

This is a great toy for a first timer, and has very much found its place in my forever collection. Should it ever go bad, I'll definitely buy another!

This toy is absolutely amazing and the orgasms it provides are phenomenal. It is a great bang for your buck! You can't go wrong with this toy.

I really loved this toy. It's an absolute steal for the price. It may not be fancy but it's design is very friendly and it gets the job done! Definitely a find.

Take it from someone who completely loved it. BEST VIBRATOR ever. Everything about this is simply amazing and it's perfect for anyone of any level; beginner to advanced. For the price this is perfect. Give it as a gift or use it for yourself. Every girl should have this in her toy box. Everyone!

This is the perfect toy for anyone looking to spice things up, or to just explore. From beginner to aficionado, anyone can use it and love it! The fact that it is waterproof means you can take it anywhere. So, if you have room mates or your just a bust gal, you can turn the shower or tub into your own private play place!

An amazing g-spot and clitoral vibrator and massager for under $20, the Dream Massager G will wow you with its power and deep vibrations. It is remarkably quiet, easy to clean, nonporous, phthalates and latex free, and it will fill you up to the brim! I thoroughly enjoyed this toy and heartily suggest it to anyone looking for a girthier g-spot experience.

I thought it was a wonderful first time toy, it is not the best quality and in fact died on me after having it for about 6 months. I don't know if that was more me or the toy. If you want something inexpensive for a first time this is a good choice.

Whilst some might have difficulty inserting this vibe at first, it really does deliver powerful vibrations with minimal noise. If you like focused and strong vibrations on your G-spot then this toy is an inexpensive, yet surprisingly good toy. However, if you like a thrusting motion more, then this toy is really not for you. Personally, it didn't really click for me, but there is no reason why you shouldn't give it a try and see how it works for you!

I wanted to love this toy, I really did, especially after all the great reviews I read online. And while it works really nicely as a clit vibe for me, the material was too hard and the shape doesn't work well with my body. It sounds like it's a fantastic G-spot toy if it fits your insides, but this one just didn't make the cut for me.

This vibrator's deep vibrations, girth, weight, and ability to stimulate the g-spot, create a powerful toy under $20 that is absolutely to-die-for.

I highly recommend this vibrator. It serves its purpose well for those looking for a no-frills dependable vibe. It provides you with the ability to control your pleasure and has yet to leave me feeling less than totally satisfied!

Overall, this is a product I would buy again. It was a good deal and feels nice and works well. I would rig the batteries up so that I could get them out again though.

This is a great vibrator for advanced and beginning users. It can be used for anal teasing, clitoral orgasms. vaginal orgasms,and G-spot orgasms. The power of the vibrations can be adjusted in order to vary the pleasure. It has a great silky texture to it that is better than any other texture of a vibrator that I have tried or felt.

I absolutely love this toy. The shape is great for finding the elusive g-spot without being too long or too short. The vibrations are divine. The velvety texture is almost cuddly. It’s waterproof, and cleanup before and after is a breeze. What more could a girl want?

As things progressed, he eased it in and slowly turned the speed higher and higher until I could not take it anymore - this was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. This is definitely a G spot toy...it was wonderful!

Once it hit the mark the skies came alive, but it was hard to find that upward curve without taking it out first. The middle part of the Dream Massager gets wider. This was great when it came to "holding on to it" if you know what I mean.

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