Fairy mini wand massager

Wand massager
by Media Craft Inc

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Fairy mini wand massager reviews

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What was fabulous about it? The sheer power that comes from such a small device that is proven to provide serious stimulation to all the right areas! This not only can be used for clitoral stimulation but also feels great on her nipples! This can also double as a regular full body massager to help get out those knots and sore spots. Overall for the price is a great edition to anyone's collection.

This item is worth it for those who want that mind blowing orgasm. It's better than a man, in my opinion and any lady would be lucky to own this. It's good for couples, too. It would get 5 stars if it wasn't so damn loud.

For those who have used massagers before and want to upgrade, you can't go wrong with this design. It's classic, feminine, discreet, and extremely powerful. You won't be disappointed with this one!

Does Mini Actually Mean Huge in Japanese?

Don't be tricked by the name. Mini is not very mini at all! If you are truly looking for a mini fairy look at the pocket fairy or fairy miniature (so very closely named, but so much smaller). None-the-less, this LARGE fairy is a great strong and sturdy electric plug in toy! All the instructions and box information are in Chinese, but it is easy to figure out, you won't need them. You can purchase an attachment for the toy and it comes in a nice little pink drawstring case.

The Fairy might be mini but the vibrations are certainly not. While the vibrations are loud (it is plugged into the wall after all!) the sensations drown out the noise. When this baby touches me, I cannot hear a thing. The cord (at 4 1/2 feet) could be longer; that is the only slight downfall.

If you love buzzy, high-pitched, strong vibrations, and you don't need pinpoint stimulation to get off, this is the vibe for you! However, it didn't work so well for me, because I need vibes that are deeper and more pinpointed.

This toy has been my go-too speedster for over a year. It is as consistently powerful and reliable as it was on day one and will work on anyone that requires really strong vibrations. It's not mini like the name says though, and it does need to be plugged in so it's not something to try and hide. But if power and ease of use are what you're after, this is the toy you've been looking for.

Overall, the Fairy Mini is an excellent piece of design, and has few minuses - the few I found may not be an issue for most users. It has the power needed when you need it, and has the flexibility to give you JUST the power you need. Other than the non-standard head (oddly, no ISO standard on massage wand heads...) it's a thoroughly qualified massage wand for vanilla or rocky road massages. Just lock the animals in another room, or the whine may get to them.

All in all, I am pretty happy with my Fairy Mini. Despite its flaws, it's a great and solidly-built massager that's perfect for sore muscles and external stimulation for those that love high-powered toys.

I might have bought a defective toy but for me the value was just not there. If I got another one and it lasted longer, I would definitely reconsider but I like my vibrators to be reliable.

Have you been lacking a little bit of magic in the bedroom? Allow the Fairy Wand to help! This large, old-school outlet wand vibrator may throw you off at the beginning, but I promise she'll end up on your good side. What the Fairy lacks in the departments of discreet, quiet, and versatile, it makes up for in other areas undoubtedly. Great for power queens and beginners alike!

Wifey--I'd have given this 5 stars if I hadn't had 2 that have had problems in less than 6 months, but, I still LOVE the Mini Fairy! It's hands down my favorite vibrator. I love that it can be used with my partner or alone. I love that it has a dial control and not just a high/low switch like most wands. I am glad that it's not battery powered but I hate that the cord is so short. If you can't seem to find an egg or bullet vibrator that is strong enough, give this baby a try.

The Fairy wands get compared to the Hitachi a lot, but in my opinion, I'd go for a Fairy first, because the controls are much easier to fine-tune, and from my experience, the Fairy Mini packs even more power than the Hitachi, and in a smaller package.

Overall, I loved this toy. I LOVED IT. There are no batteries or recharging involved. Just plug it in the wall, click it on, and have at it!

I really do love this toy, it is one of my absolute favorites and I use it every day. I enjoy using it with other toys, but it does fine by itself. It is definitely a good investment.

While the Fairy Mini appeared to offer many advantages over its competitor the Hitachi Magic Wand, I found that in practice, the features did not amount to a whole lot. While the Mini offers smaller size, higher speeds and a multi-speed dial, my Hitachi is still my #1 choice!

The massager is mini but mighty. When you purchase the Fairy Wand Mini, you will not be disappointed or let down. If fulfills every need for in a vibrator at a very cost effective price.

The Fairy Mini wand is my go to girl. She has become the most used toy in my collection. She can be a bit too powerful at times, but with the easy control switch it makes it very easy to control the intensity of the vibration. I would recommend this toy for anyone and everyone. The fairy mini wand makes a great massager and a great toy for fun in the bedroom.

When deciding which wand to get for my first one, I picked the Mini based on the pretty colors and smaller size. I ended up with a clit numbing, buzzy wand that brought me to the first terrible orgasm of my life. Yes, you can have a terrible orgasm. The Mini taught me that. It even broke the skin on my clit and I didn't even notice it because it had numbed me so much. The buzzy vibrations of this were just too much for me to deal with.

This is a great toy for general massage and for those who need extremely powerful vibrations. The vibrations might be a little too buzzy for some people. While it looks cute, it might be a bit intimidating due to its sheer power.

There's no need to sacrifice anything by downsizing! The Fairy Mini packs all the great things users love about the Hitachi wand in to a smaller and more user friendly design. So get ready to cast a spell on you or your partner with this high-powered magical wand.

The Fairy Mini was a most welcomed surprise. It is strong and rumbly, and cute too! I can use it for many things and it is making its way up to the top of my toy box.

The Fairy Mini Wand is definitely worth every penny spent. Great for couple or single play or just a regular old massage.

Overall I recommend this product to any woman or couple looking to add a little bit more fun in to their love life. It's low price and insane intensity are all the reason anyone should need to buy this product.

Wands are not my thing because I don't need a lot of power, it becomes very uncomfortable for me, but I know many people do love them. Even though I don't personally enjoy it, I think the Fairy Mini is great and it's smaller and lighter than things like the Hitachi which I've heard people complain about its size and weight.

So, all in all, I definitely think this is a must to any bedroom collection. The short cord is a little disappointing; they should have added a few feet at least for maneuverability, but an extension cord solves that problem. I love not having to buy batteries or worrying about it dying in the middle of my many orgasms. If the noise is not an issue with you, I would give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised!

The Fairy Mini has quickly become one of my favorite toys for a few basic reasons. It's easy to use, not at all intimidating, lightweight, feminine, has multiple speeds, and for its little size is a very, very powerful hand held massager. I’m a big fan of another very popular hand held massager - the Hitachi Magic Wand...well, I hate to say it and I really didn’t want to have to make any comparisons but I think my lovely Hitachi may have found some competition in the Fairy Mini

The Fairy Mini is a strong, pretty, and unique little wand style massager that is part of the Media Craft Fairy series. If you like strong vibes, she should work for you, but Hitachi Magic Wand she is not.

Whoever said that big things come in small packages was completely correct. This is one of--if not THE--most powerful toy I've ever tried. It's got huge intensity, with a dial-base to turn down the speed and power, and it's a relatively safe material. Although it can be loud, it's not nearly as loud as many weaker toys. Tinkerbell would be pleased to try out this one, as would any other power-loving woman!

The Mini Fairy is a petite, but crazy powerful, plug-in style wand vibe. As a lover of good wand massagers, I was totally impressed and enamored with this toy. It is discreet and adorable with a compact design. It has some small quirks that are a bit bothersome, but nothing big enough to tarnish my overall opinion. All in all, this is a fabulous and strong vibe that delivers insanely hard orgasms. If you are a fan of powerful vibes, I would highly recommend this toy.

The Fairy Mini wand massager is an extremely powerful vibrator disguised in a sweet and feminine-looking package. This is a wonderful toy for solo or partner play- the intense vibrations will provide intense pleasure to ladies who are less sensitive in their lady-parts (you know who you are!). There are no batteries to mess with; just plug it in and it's ready to go whenever you are! The bottom line is that if mine died tomorrow, I would replace it immediately!

The Fairy Mini Wand is an excellent go-to for solo play; you may not need another toy! Deep, powerful vibrations will deliver every time.

Are you looking for something new that has a bit more variety and power in your sex life? The Fairy Mini Wand is right up your alley and provides intense pleasure to satiate your desires. With multiple settings, this beautiful wand is sure to leave you writhing, moaning, and begging for more.

I absolutely LOVE this product! A friend of mine was telling me about. She told me point blank, it will blow your mind away. I sure know what she means now. It a great awesome massager! Though it might be a little too much for beginners as its very strong.

To put it simply, this wand is a powerhouse. Sensitive ladies, you are going to want to look elsewhere, as even the lowest setting on this baby is pretty intense. However, it is sheer heaven for those of us who need a little more 'oomph' from our toys. While this thing is very loud, it's perfect for the less sensitive lady looking for her fairy tale ending.

Don't let the innocent looking cuteness of this vibrator lull you into a false sense of security. It's an absolute power-horse of a massager… but I wouldn't actually go so far as to say it's better than the Hitachi…

The Hitachi has met its rival. The term 'Fairy Wand' is a total cover up to trick you into thinking it's sweet and innocent when really it will make your eyeballs find the back of your head within seconds of having this baby on high.

Pixie Dust & Happy Thoughts

The Fairy Mini is an intense massager suited for a variety of different uses. At it's highest setting it produces almost double the vibrations per minute of the Hitachi. It can be used with a partner, during foreplay or by yourself for a quick session. Whether it's being used for clitoral stimulation, massaging sore muscles, or massaging erogenous zones, the adjust-ability of the vibrations makes it suitable for nearly any user.

The Fairy Mini may be smaller than the Hitachi and other wand style massagers, it may be pink, it may have a ridiculously cute name, but it's pure power and insanely buzzy, strong vibration give it a huge punch. Possibly too strong for sensitive users, the Fairy Mini is going to THRILL those with a clit o' steel.

The fairy-wand mini is a MUST-HAVE massaging vibrator: it will blow you away! It is fairly small but very powerful with its many orgasmic vibrating functions and overall simplicity and ability to really make you sky rocket to the moon with an ooh, an ahh, and a loud orgasmic wow! If you can’t get off on this bad boy, then no other toy can.

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