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No Sweet Fairy

When deciding which wand to get for my first one, I picked the Mini based on the pretty colors and smaller size. I ended up with a clit numbing, buzzy wand that brought me to the first terrible orgasm of my life. Yes, you can have a terrible orgasm. The Mini taught me that. It even broke the skin on my clit and I didn't even notice it because it had numbed me so much. The buzzy vibrations of this were just too much for me to deal with.
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Strong vibration
Very buzzy vibration
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The Fairy Mini is a wand vibrator in a somewhat smaller size than a traditional wand vibrator. Wand vibrators are used for external stimulation and should not be inserted internally either vaginally or anally. If you want to insert this, you can buy attachments for it. The attachment can then be inserted. The wand itself should not be.

The Fairy Mini is alternative to the Hitachi and original Fairy. In contrast to these bulkier massager style vibrators, the Mini is a more petite sized wand. While still not the smallest toy in the chest, it does shrink in comparison to other wands.

The Fairy Mini can be used for partner or solo play, though I tend to find wands are better for solo use. Even in the smaller size, the bulk and attachment to a wall doesn't seem to lend itself to use during sex or foreplay. The noise it emits also seems to distract from the moment. That being said, the Fairy Mini is much more usable than the Hitachi or original Fairy for use in these situations.

Material / Texture

The Fairy Mini is made of plastic which puts it at an 8 on the safety scale. There are a few different finishes on the Mini. The white sections of the handle are a glossy finish while the pink section of the handle is matte and feels like it has a velvet coating to it. The head of the Mini is matte plastic. It's a soft yet hard plastic, which I know makes no sense. It doesn't really have a velvet coating to it exactly but it isn't a glossy hard coat either. It feels sort of like a rubber. It's hard and unforgiving but not in that shiny plastic type of way.

The fact that this feels softer to the skin than a glossy coated plastic didn't seem to make difference when in use. This felt very hard when I used it. I don't mind hard surfaces. The Salsa is one of my favorite clitoral toys and it's made of a glossy plastic. Perhaps because this is wider and there was so much of it this just felt harder somehow.

There is some texture on the sides of the head. The head has grooves in the sides that indent in. You can use the side of the head for textured stimulation if you prefer to have a textured surface over a smooth one. I did not personally try it this way, so I cannot comment on the feel of this on the skin.

There is no plastic smell to the material. There is a plastic taste to it. It's mild but I would not recommend putting this in your mouth.

Since there is both a smooth and textured surface, anyone should be able to use this so long as you can use a harder material. I don't think it matters if you are a beginner or an advanced user so much as it does what your personal preference happens to be.

Design / Shape / Size

The Fairy Mini is simply a miniature version of the original Fairy. The original Fairy, like pretty much every wand massager, is modeled from the Hitachi. The Fairy models are done up in pretty pink colors to make them more visually appealing and feminine. The basic design is a head at the top that is used for stimulation and the "wand" handle that is used for holding.

For the Fairy Mini, the total length is 9.75 inches at my measurement. As usual, my measurements are different from the product page which lists 10 inches total length. We both agree that the diameter of the head is 1.75 inches. The length of the head is 1.5 inches.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

The Fairy Mini was my first wand massager. The reason I decided to get the Mini was because of the size and color. I don't like bulky things and the larger wands were off putting to me. This is still a little large to me for a clitoral stimulator. To hold an almost 10" toy out to reach my clit feels very awkward to me. It just seems like too much length. I ended up holding this close to the head to make it seem smaller. I tried to trick myself, basically. It didn't really work, but at least my hand wasn't 10" away from my vagina. I still think this is a much nicer size than the bigger wands.

The head itself is also smaller than the larger wands. Since I don't like broad stimulation as much as pinpoint, I thought this would be a better option for me. I still found it to be a little broad for me, but it was useable. I don't like it nearly as much as a pointed or small, rounded tip.

I think the size is a nice introduction to wand toys. It's not so big to be intimidating and the stimulation isn't so broad that it's a far cry from the bullets most people will be used to.

This comes with a pouch which wraps everything up nicely for fairly easy travel.

The discretion of wands is questionable. They aren't phallic in shape so they are discreet in that sense. However, anyone that knows anything about sex toys knows of the wand vibrators. So I'm pretty sure that, in the end, it's not really all that discreet.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Fairy Mini operates on a turn dial. This allows the user to customize how strong they would like the vibrations to be. Instead of a simple on/off/high/low, you can pick any range of settings within the turn dial.

The turn dial is easy to operate. Because of its location, I never had any issues accidentally turning it when I was using this.

Since it's a turn dial, there isn't a set number of setting. There's the lowest and the highest and then pretty much everything in between is an option.

The lowest setting starts at about a low two vrooms. The highest setting is what I refer to as an off the charts 10. The reason I say it this way is because generally I exclude wand vibrators from my ratings when I rate other toys. In other words, I would rate Mimi at five vrooms and clearly this is a lot stronger than Mimi. So if I use Mimi as a five, this would technically probably fall at around a seven. On the Eden scale, I'm putting a five because that's my option.

The vibrations feel extraordinarily buzzy to me, even at the lower speeds. At the lower ones, it is less annoying than at the high ones but still very noticeable. Now, I can handle a certain amount of buzz to vibrators. This was well past what I could handle. Not only does it make my hand go numb when I hold it, but when I use it, it will numb my clit very quickly. It begins to make my skin feel itchy and irritated. In general, the vibrations just don't feel good to me. Yes, they are strong. I like strong. But I don't like these vibrations even a little.

Noise wise, this sounds like a small construction site. I found the noise to be very distracting during use. You can hear this through two closed doors. Possibly three. Possibly through the whole house and the one next to you. This is not for those that need a discreet toy in the sound department. Wands in general (along with rabbits) tend to be the nosiest of toys and the Mini is no exception.

This toy is not waterproof. It plugs into a wall. It does not require batteries or charging. Because it needs to be plugged into the wall to be used, you should not get this anywhere near the water when you use it. This is very important. You are risking electrocution if you play with this near water.

Care and Maintenance

Since this should not be near water, the care is a slight pain. You should use toy wipes for this or toy spray. For toy spray, just spray the head of the Mini and wipe it off with a dry cloth. You could also dampen a rag and add some soap and wipe it off with that. Make sure not to over wet the rag.

Plastic can be used with all lubricants - oil, silicone, and water. There are no concerns with any lube and this toy.

The Fairy Mini comes with its own storage pouch. I would recommend using this as it likely won't fit in standard pouches. The pouch is pink and made of a soft, fuzzy fabric. It's a little small for the Mini and you have to really wrap the cord well to get it to all fit inside, but it can be done and works to keep everything contained.


The Fairy Mini comes in a really cute pink package with a picture of the Mini on it and the words "Fairy Mini." It even has a little fairy on it. It has some Japanese writing on it. I took two years of Japanese in college, but I mostly sucked at it so I cannot tell you what it says. Probably "Fairy Mini."

The packaging is rather bulky. You could use it for storage if you really wanted, but it's not ideal. Since it comes with a pouch, there's really no reason to use this for that purpose. It would make an okay gift, I suppose.

Personal comments

I personally despise my Mini. That's not even an exaggeration. I really do not like this thing. However, I understand that a lot of people do. I may not understand it, but everyone has different tastes. I suppose the people this would work for are people who like moderate to very high powered vibrations and don't mind a very intense amount of buzz. If you like rumbly vibrations, stay far away. I won't say that no one should buy this because I know some people have had success with it. I just would say proceed with caution. I would also say that the Hitachi is pretty much 1000 times better. It's rumbly in vibrations and feels stronger to me on the high setting. The only downside is that it doesn't have the variation of speeds that the Mini does. You can always get one of those little attachments that makes it do that, however.


Let me tell you my Mini story. I like very strong vibrations, so I used this somewhere between the mid-highest to highest setting. After one or two minutes, this would numb my clit almost entirely. Since the vibrations were so buzzy, I hadn't had an orgasm in that time period and continued to use the Mini. After some time, I did finally manage to have an orgasm with this. I would classify it as the worst orgasm I've ever had. I didn't know there was such a thing as a bad orgasm until the Mini. My clit was numb and itchy from the Mini and everything just generally didn't feel good during the orgasm or after it.

I lifted the Mini up and noticed blood on the head of the wand. I had managed to draw blood from the strength of the Mini and didn't even notice that I had literally split the skin on my clit because it was so numb from the buzzy vibrations. Now that's pretty numb! I will say that it's also pretty strong, which is always a plus in my book. The fact that I could draw blood directly on my clit and not even notice is really disturbing to me though. After the numbing and itching went down, let me tell you - that was not a fun sensation!

The Mini is probably one of my least favorite ever toys. It was my first wand and after the clit bleeding episode I almost never bought another wand again. I decided I would give it one more go with the Hitachi and I'm glad I did. There's so many things I disliked about this. I do like the way it looks a lot more than my Hitachi. I like the size of it a lot more than my Hitachi. However, performance wise, the Hitachi blows this out of the water.

I'll give this two stars on account of the fact that I did manage to have an orgasm with it, no matter how awful of an orgasm it was. I generally save my one stars for toys that are both terrible and didn't bring me to climax. So, even though I really don't want to, I'll go ahead and give the Mini two.
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    wow..thats nuts
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    Eee! That sounds awful.
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    I'm sorry you hated it, but thank you for the review.
  • jr2012
    I know bad reviews are really hard to write...and as strange as it sounds to say, this is a really good bad review thank you!
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    Fab review, thanks!
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    Oh dear god. Thats insane! Thanks for sharing with us!
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    I am sorry you had such a nasty experience. Great review.
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