Fairy mini wand massager by Media Craft Inc - review by DeliciousSurprise

I Do Believe In Fairies! I Do! I DO!

Whoever said that big things come in small packages was completely correct. This is one of--if not THE--most powerful toy I've ever tried. It's got huge intensity, with a dial-base to turn down the speed and power, and it's a relatively safe material. Although it can be loud, it's not nearly as loud as many weaker toys. Tinkerbell would be pleased to try out this one, as would any other power-loving woman!
Corded, very strong, easy to maintain, comes with a storage pouch, can change the intensity/speed
Very very buzzy, a bit loud.
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Media Craft Inc.'s Fairy Mini Wand is a vibrating massager. Best used on the clitoris, testicles and other erogenous zones, as well as and sore muscles. This Wand will get you off over and over, and then rub out the sore muscle you've gotten from using all day. The Fairy Mini is not gender specific, men and women will be able to appreciate the strong vibrations this toy produces, as well as couples looking for toys that can be used together. Gentlemen, do not be deterred by the pink exterior--you can always cover it with black electrical tape!

This massager has a dial, allowing you to control the intensity and speed of the vibrations. Being corded, you never have to worry that your batteries will lose power or your rechargeable toy will die in the middle of a session. With a long cord (almost four feet, enough to have it plugged in beside a couch, and have it go all the way over the other side with room to spare; more than enough to use comfortably on a bed) this massager gives you room to play and the power to control how hard you'd like to.

Material / Texture

This toy is made from plastic, and has two differing textures. The handle area of the toy (where your hand naturally gravitates to holding it, around the dial) is a pink matte/velvety texture that makes this toy very easy to hang on to, even when it's wet. At the bottom of the toy (before a small patch of the pink matte texture) and above the handle section is a slick, white plastic section.

The head of the toy is also plastic, with a less velvety texture. Along the head are five ribs, which can provide stimulation if you angle that toy with that section against your erogenous zone; for me, I use the head of the toy so that I never feel the ribs. The toy does have drag, due to the velvet texture, but when lubricant is applied, the drag is reduced significantly, though it does seem to eat lubricant a bit quickly.

Design / Shape / Size

The toy comes with a pink felt storage case, which adds some discretion to the ensemble, though any toy with a 10" length will never be truly inconspicuous. With a a 1.75" head, the Fairy Mini is significantly smaller than its older, more imposing sibling, the Hitachi. The smaller head means that the vibrations can be focused much more on a single spot, rather than an entire area.

Although the head could be inserted, I would recommend against it, and would say it should never be used anally, as the head could dislodge from the toy. In addition, I don't think that the ribs would feel incredibly enjoyable internally, and removing the toy could be a bit painful.

This toy would not be something I'd recommend for beginner users, even though it does have a dial-base so that the intensity could be tuned down, it is a very strong toy. I would recommend this toy more to people who know that strong vibrations are something they enjoy--I think that a brand new toy user might be intimidated by the strength of this one!

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy has an intuitive dial base that allows you to increase or decrease the speed/intensity easily while in use. To turn it on, simply push the wheel down until you find the intensity that works for you; when you're done playing turn it down until you hear or feel a small click.

The vibrations of this toy are located in the head of the toy, although they can be felt very faintly in the handle of the toy. These vibrations are incredibly buzzy and intense, though the lower settings do not feel nearly as buzzy as the mid-range or high speed vibrations. As a comparison, this toy is more buzzy than the Rechargeable version of this toy as well as the Hitachi. I find that if I'm using this toy for more than ten minutes, I start to go numb; I've never had that happen with any of my other toys, and I have used the Hitachi for hours without this issue. I can only assume that this vibrator is too buzzy for me on mid-high settings.

I did not enjoy using this toy for muscle massage because, when I dragged the toy across my skin, the ribs kind of caught on my skin and made it less than pleasurable. However, for spot massages, when I know that I've got a tense spot, it works well for focusing on that point.

This toy is relatively quiet for such intensity, though it will never be truly hard to hear. Behind a closed door with music on, this toy would not be heard, but any other scenario presents a quiet risk on the high settings.

As an electric, corded toy, you should never use this in or near water.

Care and Maintenance

The Wand, since it's made of plastic, can be maintained with soap and hot water, or with isopropyl alcohol; whenever you're cleaning this toy, make sure to clean only the top half of the toy, getting water in the dial could kill the toy. The only other caution that should be taken with this toy is to be especially aware of the ribs along the head, as bodily fluids and lubricants can collect in them.

Because plastic cannot ever be sterilized, you should not share it with a partner without using a condom over the head of the toy. Plastic can be used with water, oil or silicone lubricants, so pick your favorite and have no fear!

I store this toy in the pink pouch included with it.


This toy came in a simple cardboard box with a great deal of characters on them (I believe they are Japanese characters, but they may be Chinese) that I did not understand. No instructions are included, but the toy is intuitive, so no instructions are really required.

I would chose to present this toy in the felt pouch or in a different box, should I chose to gift this.


This is a warning to the ladies and gentlemen who plan to use this toy, who also have pubic hair: this toy may yank it out.

Yes, that's right, my pubic hair gets caught in the joint between the head and the base of the toy, I assume, as I am finding the perfect position. It does not happen every time, but it has happened enough to make me remember and mention it!
Follow-up commentary
I find that I just don't use this one anymore. The annoyance of having my pubic hair yanked out combined with the hyperactively buzzy vibrations means it's just not my most-used toy. It has held up well, with no problems in operation, I just... find it a giant pain in the ass to use when there are other toys that hurt me in a good way rather than a bad way.
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  • Monica G
    Good review.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Ouch! The yanking of pubic hair sounds like a real mood-killer!
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Thanks Monica.

    Yeah, Selective Sensualist; I started noticing it with my other Fairy, but it really started to give me headaches with this one! I didn't see anyone else mention it in a review, so I thought I'd better offer up a warning!
  • Airekah
    I am still waiting to buy this one.
  • Raggedy Andie
    Oi! Thanks for the warning about the pubes. lol
    I am sure it is not pleasant.
  • fghjkl
    yyeah.. Ouch! Cute title hun. Thanks for the great review.
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Thanks honey! Ouch is right!
  • Waterfall
    Nice review! I love your title I still have yet to decide on a massager...
  • cherryredhead88
    Great review! I'm glad you liked this one, despite the pube incident lol.

    I love that your summary talks about big things in small packages, I just titled a review that!
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Thanks! I do like this toy, despite its buzziness and the fact that it keeps trying to wax me

    And I'll have to go check out your similarly phrased review!
  • DeliciousSurprise
    Thanks Waterfall; if you need any help please feel free to message as I've tried quite a few at this point
  • liilii080
    I totally agree. I had such high expectations and this toy just fell al little short. Thanks for the review and follow up.
  • bluekaren
    Thanks, great review! I learned alot about this product
  • BellaDonna2884
    Thanks for the review
  • GlacVic
  • badk1tty
    Yowch. I wouldn't use anything that yanked me out either
  • Lizzy
  • DeliciousSurprise
    You're welcome!

    It fell a little short for me, too; so disappointing.
    Thanks to everyone for reading!
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