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There's no need to sacrifice anything by downsizing! The Fairy Mini packs all the great things users love about the Hitachi wand in to a smaller and more user friendly design. So get ready to cast a spell on you or your partner with this high-powered magical wand.
Strong, compact, adjustable speed dial.
Loud, may be too powerful for some, needs an electrical outlet to operate/not waterproof.
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I used to own the Hitachi that everyone raves about, but have you ever held that beast in your hand? Actually, make that two hands! It's big, super loud, and heavy. Then along flitted the pretty Fairy Mini, another Japanese competitor that packs almost as much power (if not the same), is still on the loud side, but gave my hands some much need relief. Anyone with any level of experience can enjoy this toy all over the body, but please don't use it for internal thrusting and exploration without the appropriate attachments (sold separately). It's not that kind of vibrator, but it will feel especially magical on the external genitalia, particular on the clitoral region.

The Mini is made of a phthalates free, body friendly, heavy duty plastic, with the domed head and pink portion of the handle having a velvety matte texture to them that helps a bit in reducing excess slippage and improves the overall appearance of the product. The domed head is smooth, save for the grooved rings that wrap around the lower portion. I'm not sure if those are there to enhance sensations during use, which wasn't obvious to me once this powerhouse was turned on, or if they aid somehow in keeping the optional attachments (see similar products) in place. There was hardly any new product smell upon opening the package for the first time.

The entire length of the Mini is about 10 inches long: 2 inches for the head, a 1/2-inch slightly flexible neck, and a 7-1/2 inch long handle, which tapers at the end where the 55-inch long, 125V white power cord is located. Obviously, don't use it in or around water! The cord is permanently fixed on this unit, although the Fairy line does offer three cordless options (see similar products). It weighs about a pound which is considerably less than the Hitachi. The head can cover a 2-inch diameter area on the body, which is enough to stimulate the main point of contact and a little extra space around it.

Using it is pretty self-explanatory. An audible "click" when turning the white grooved dial(located on the pink handle) alerts the user that it's ready to use or that it has been completely shut off. The dial is positioned/protected enough so that it can't be turned with too light of a touch. Rotating it either way increases or decreases the intensity of the constant vibrations. If you were hoping for some pulsating patterns, this item has none. What it does deliver begins with a low rumble that gradually increases to high-speed, "O-Face"-inducing vibrations that even the biggest power queens may not be able to endure for too long. I can't even describe well just how strong it is, but compared to a very good quality vibrator this will blow you away, perhaps even on the lowest setting. High is so intense, it's almost unbearable, but fun!

There are various way to clean the Mini off quickly, but please make sure it's unplugged first, especially if you are around running water. I found that a spray of antibacterial toy cleaner or an adult toy cleaning wipe works well, but if you have neither, a damp washcloth with antibacterial soap rubbed over the surface then wiped off works well too. The paper box it came in is small enough to store the toy in. Another great thing about the Mini is that it's easy to take along anywhere and doesn't take up that much space. It's somewhat discreet visually, because it looks like a therapeutic massaging device, but sound wise it can get quite loud, so do be prepared to soundproof your the play area if you don't live alone. Any type of minimal lubrication can be used on the head, just make sure to wipe off the neck portion as fluids can dry up around that area.
When I play with it solo, I like to use it alone or with a big fat Vixskin dildo for some dual action fun. It makes an amazing tease to pleasurably suffer under its spell while you or your partner is tied up and completely helpless. I love it so much more than my old Hitachi, where I could only choose between high or low settings. Now I can adjust it however I please to find the right setting. My partner loved how it felt against his shaft and balls.
Follow-up commentary
I've gotten plenty of use out of my Fairy Wand and finally picked up an attachment for it, which I'm not that impressed with. By itself, the wand does just fine and hands-down I still think it's better and more manageable to use than the Hitachi, plus it's just prettier!
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  • Contributor: js250
    Thanks for the review, I will probably get the cordless, though. I am too far away from a power outlet on my side of the bed.
  • Contributor: Antipova
    Awesome review. Can you give some kind of comparison of the quality of vibration? Whether you measure frequency, or just the qualitative "this one feels more [...]"? I'm trying to decide whether the Fairy or HMW would be the best choice for me.
  • Contributor: PassionQT
    @ antipova
    Compara this and the Hitachi it's a matter of size and the better dial on the Fairy. Powerwise, they are pretty much the same. HMW could be a tad bit more powerful with a larger motor because it's a larger toy, but both vibrate so strongly, a small difference isn't go to be noticeable.
  • Contributor: Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    I think if I decide to jump on the wand bandwagon, I am going to get one of the Fairy wands. The Hitachi certainly is nice, but two speeds is sort of a bummer. I like the dial better.
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    I just recently ordered the Fairy Wand and I am even more excited to use it after reading your review (even if mine is the bigger version).
  • Contributor: GlacVic
  • Contributor: Bignuf
    Love the review. Definitely getting this now.
  • Contributor: FemmeFlo
    Thanks for the review. I'm shopping around for a massager, and this looks like a great option.
  • Contributor: voenne
    Thank you for the very detailed review! I really like the size and features of this, but am debating if the strong buzzy-ness off the wand is for me.
  • Contributor: Mihoshi4301
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: geliebt
    Thank you for the review! Still thinking this over, but I definitely want a wand
  • Contributor: karay123
    Great review... JUST want I wanted to know! I'm sold!
  • Contributor: Lizzy
  • Contributor: Harpina is gone
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: TheSlyFox
    Thanks for the review. :3
  • Contributor: ace.eric.pollen
    thanks for the review!
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