Fairy mini wand massager by Media Craft Inc - review by Girly Juice

Fairy? More Like a Buzzing Bee

If you love buzzy, high-pitched, strong vibrations, and you don't need pinpoint stimulation to get off, this is the vibe for you! However, it didn't work so well for me, because I need vibes that are deeper and more pinpointed.
Small and light (compared to the Hitachi), strong
Loud, buzzy and numbing, broad
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Fairy Mini Wand is a wand-style massager that needs to be plugged into an outlet in order to work. It's similar to a much more famous wand-style vibe, the Hitachi Magic Wand, in both design and function. However, unlike the Hitachi, the Fairy has an adjustable speed dial, making it a better choice for beginners to vibration than the Hitachi is.

The Fairy can be used to stimulate the vulva and specifically the clitoris, or it can be used on other external body parts.

Material / Texture

The Fairy Mini Wand is made completely of plastic. However, there are variations in the texture of the plastic: the handle part is matte to make it easier to hang onto, the ends of the handle are shiny for visual impact, and the head of the massager is matte plastic with some ridges. The control dial also has ridges, to make it easier to turn.

Hard plastic is a body-safe material. The Fairy Mini Wand has a very faint plasticky smell that shouldn't bother the vast majority of users.

I can't particularly feel the ridges on the massager's head when I'm using it, because I leave the massager in one spot when I use it. However, those who like to move their vibrators around on their clit (or whatever body part you use this toy on) will be able to feel the ridges much more, and should take that into consideration. Lube might be necessary if you're one of those people.

Design / Shape / Size

As evidenced by its name, the Fairy Mini Wand is a bit smaller than your typical wand-style massager. The Fairy Wand series comes in many different sizes, from tiny to a standard Hitachi-like size, so you can take your pick. I chose the Mini because I wanted the power of a plug-in vibe but I didn't want stimulation as broad as what's provided by the full-size Fairy; I like my vibration a little more pinpointed.

The head of the Fairy Mini Wand measures 1 3/4" in diameter at its widest point - so, although it isn't meant for penetration, you could theoretically insert it vaginally a couple of inches if you really wanted to.

The toy is 10" long (not counting the cord, of course), compared to the Hitachi which is about 12". It may not seem like much of a difference, but the Fairy Mini definitely feels significantly smaller, lighter, and easier to maneuver.

As for discretion, it's likely that anyone who's familiar with sex toys would be able to guess the purpose of this product, but you could still theoretically pass it off as a "muscle massager" if need be. It certainly works well for that purpose as well as genital stimulation.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Fairy Mini has a turn-dial mechanism, which allows for much more precise and gradual setting changes than the two-setting switch on the Hitachi. I am the type of vibrator user who likes to start at a very low speed and slowly work my way up to a much higher speed, which just isn't possible with the Hitachi but is absolutely attainable with the Fairy Mini - so that's a definite plus for me.

The dial is easy to turn, and it clicks off, so it's unlikely to accidentally turn on if you brush past it while it's sitting on your nightstand, for example.

This vibrator has no special patterns, just plain vibration - so pattern-lovers should look elsewhere. I'd recommend the Lelo Smart Wands - especially the stronger large size - as they have similar vibration strength but come with several patterns.

The vibrations are primarily located in the toy's handle, but they conduct pretty well into the head of the massager. Your hand will get vibrated when you hold onto this toy, so if that's something that annoys you, you should look elsewhere. I didn't find my hands going numb while using this toy, but then again, I don't tend to use my vibrators for long stretches of time.

The vibrations are surprisingly strong for such a small toy. Most power queens should be satiated by this vibrator. However, they are very buzzy and surface-level, so I find that they numb me out pretty quickly, just like the Hitachi does. You'll have to examine your history with vibrators to figure out whether your clit prefers buzzy, surface-y vibrations or deep, rumbly ones. I tend to prefer rumblier ones so I didn't find this vibrator all that satisfying, but I know it would work really well for those who love buzzy vibes.

The Fairy Mini Wand is pretty loud, especially at its higher speeds. It can be heard faintly through a closed door, and can definitely be heard by someone in the same room as the toy.

Care and Maintenance

I don't find that my massager-style vibes get dirty, both because I only use them clitorally and because I usually put a layer of fabric between my body and the toy (a pair of underwear, a folded washcloth, etc.) to muffle the vibrations slightly. However, if you do get yours dirty, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth or a toy wipe, while the toy is unplugged.

I store mine in a drawer along with my other massager-style vibes. The material doesn't attract dirt and dust the way silicone does.

Plastic can be used with any kind of lube you like. Lube shouldn't be necessary with this toy, though, unless you intend to rub it around your genital area or use it for body massage.


I should note (again) that even though this toy didn't work well for me, I'm confident that it would work great for people who like buzzy vibrations and who don't mind broader/wider stimulation. This isn't a bad toy, it's just not well-suited to my anatomy.
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