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Nikol Hasler: Excessive Dating

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For years now I've had a saying. "Anything worth doing is worth doing in excess." When I drink, it's single malt scotch. When I eat, it's lemons and the hottest peppers I can find. When I work out, I push myself past reasonable limits. And, when I date, well...



Tangential question: If you have friends who you presumably like and can call for sex, what prevents you from dating them? Is there some missing element, or are there things that would be dealbreakers for anything more than friends with benefits status? I've been in this situation a few times myself, but it's a funny one.

Nikol D S Hasler  

Great question. And interesting that you ask, since the next episode of the show is going to have a special guest appearance, and we're going to talk about that topic a bit!



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