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Nikol Hasler: Game Over

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Hey guys, you think you've got the online dating thing figured out, you think you have game, but really, you don't. Nikol says you're "gaming yourselves out of the game" and there are three things you need to stop doing.


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Contributor: Maiden

This is great! I laughed so hard my toddler came running in here to see what I was doing. Thanks for that. You're so cute and funny! I can't imagine why you are still single, wait, yeah that's right... men are idiots.

Contributor: Nikol Hasler

Awww, thank you!

Contributor: Princey

Hey Nikol,

First of all, loved your vid. Cracked me the hell up! After roughly 5 years on internet dating (everything from OKCupid to some of the more... shall we say, adult oriented ones) it's solid advice. I'll own up - I've done most of that stuff from "Hey babe, nice pics!" to roughly 20 people to "So, how was your day? That's nice. Wanna see my wang?"

Somehow, I've actually made some good friends from some of the seedy sites I've visited, but mostly it was like a drive by. "Hiwannaseemyjunk?nokbyeHibabyniceboobs,wannaseemyjunk?Nokbye" It's kinda like the Roxbury guys mixed with the (self projected image of) Barney Stinson but the real world appeal of.... Hmmm. Urkle? But you can't deny his sweet glasses and cool alter-ego. Maybe not Urkle. But you get my drift...

Contributor: Jobthingy

HA! This was great. 'Christian singles' ROFL! I adore you.

Contributor: Verylongusername

Actually, it would be better for women everywhere if you didn't give the guys this advice. Guys who come across like that are typically jerks, so why help them shape up for a date when they'll just revert to being dicks sooner or later? Maybe I'm biased.

Contributor: Verylongusername

But great work on the blog! Keep it up, and good luck finding a better guy.



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