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Advice you should NOT take from your mother!
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When it comes to dating, many people take their parent's advice into consideration. I was not one of them, because my mother's advice was horrible.


Contributor: K101

Loved your article! It sounds like you and I are a little similar. I too have a few larger issues than simply putting off laundry for an entire month (and then to stretch it out just a liiiittle longer, wearing a few "not so dirty" outfits just once more, LOL but seriously). I have a few that are *big*, in fact, those few things alone would make about 95% of men run from me like the plague! Lol. However, I was blessed enough to have been introduced to my partner 6 years ago at a very young age (15) where some of these really big issues weren't even fully developed yet, but the worst had only developed several months before we met. I was raped and certain nobody would be able to deal with me or like me after knowing.

So perhaps putting out all what you consider "the bad things" first is a good idea! Worked for me! After the rape, a boyfriend and I fell apart. That was real reassuring that somebody could ever handle me, knowing that! So my next attempt was to run from those who liked me romantically. Didn't last long. My current partner, he chased me big time for a couple days, I liked him very much so I just broke down and told exactly why he should avoid me! We're still together

So perhaps you're right, no hiding is best. Let the bad out. I did it very soon, maybe too soon though. Lol. If he cares enough and if he's the one, he ain't gonna budge!

Loved your article. It's so encouraging.

Contributor: Rod Ronald

Great article. My mother was very judgemental over all my girl friends. Even if they were religous she would still call them "Sluts" and all sorts of nasty. She was nuts, but I loved her because she was mine.


Thanks for the comments! Kendra, I'm so glad you have found someone who accepts you for all that you are, good and bad. It's so lovely, isn't it?!

Rod, same here. I love my mom even if she is crazy, Lol. Nobody could replace her.



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