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Affair: In Cheating, Everyone is Cheated
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It is my opinion that when someone cheats, everyone involved is cheated. When you cheat, you're cheating yourself, as well as your partner from the full relationship you deserve. When you cheat, you're creating an environment in your life that's not conductive to a healthy life. You're losing opportunities, and playing emotions. It isn't fair to anyone, but it also isn't fair to you. In the end, everyone is going to get hurt. When you play with fire, everyone gets burned.

  My Observations

Based solely on supplication on my behalf, this is merely an opinion I have formed. I base my opinions on my observations and experience, as well as on the experiences of others. I have studied and questioned people involved in all aspects of an affair, making note of emotions and reactions, as well as the events effect on life. I'm not critiquing anyone's reaction, nor their emotions, as that is personnel to each person. My opinion is not meant as advice, either; I am merely putting it out there to be heard, for whatever that may be worth.


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Contributor: FunAndIrish