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Shame Free Sex and Spicing Things Up
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Introduce a little whimsy into your sexual encounters,and find out where your true passions lie. Come in, leave your worries and your cares. Exploring your sexuality is natural and healthy, so let's find out what suits you, from toys to partners. Be yourself; I won't judge...

  Exploring the world of sexual toys

Adding a little spice to sex can never be a bad thing. It’s nice to have sex with your partner, but add a little something different every now and again and you can make something great, spectacular! Using a toy or sexual aide isn't an insult to you or your partner, it’s just taking things to the next level. Whether you’re having sex with a partner, or just having a little fun by yourself, even the smallest things can take things up a notch.

So many people these days like to place shame upon bringing anything but another person into the bedroom. The people who would make you feel ashamed of your sex life, and exploring your sexuality, belong in the Dark Ages. It is ironic to me that we are supposed to be living in an open world, but the more the world moves forward the more some people dig their feet in and insist on repressing anything new. It’s natural to be curious in the bedroom, whether by adding some spice with a partner or doing something enjoyable just for you. Do what feels right and try new things, you’ll feel better and have a lot more fun.

EdenFantasys is probably the perfect site for learning about sexual aides. The reviews will give you pointers on how to properly care for and use the sexual aides sold there. SexIs Articles can give you the tools you need to combat the shame those around you might decide to heap on you about sex, as well as information about different practices and tools you can buy to spice things up.
Taking your love life up a notch can go anywhere from something minimal to the extreme. If you are new to the world of toys, games, clothing, and other sexual tools you can do anything! You don’t have to jump into the deep end, just dip your toe into the water. Sexy lingerie, a small vibrator, a dab of perfume or massage oils are great for just a little fun without making yourself or anyone else uncomfortable.

So if you’re looking add a little zing to your sexual encounters enter the rabbit hole and figure out which flower to pick, or how to make the Cheshire Cat grin. Welcome to Wonderland have fun and enjoy the ride!!!


Contributor: Life is good

Thank you for the reaffirming article. I sometimes feel like I want to tell everyone about how fun it can all be, and sometimes like I should be ashamed of myself. Society and culture can truly make you crazy!



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