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The Virgins of the Modern World: Different Classes of Virginity in Today's Society
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Today, a virgin is not simply a virgin. It is no longer as simple as deciding what sexual acts you want, or don't to want to engage in. In our society, virginity means one thing for one virgin and a completely different thing for another, it's a debatable topic. So the question is - what makes someone a virgin and who can claim to be a "True Virgin," in this twisted world filled with varying descriptions and deceptions?

  Talk To Someone, Sex is No Longer A Dirty Word

On a more serious note - no matter what you want to call it, and whether or not your virginity remains intact, you always need to remember to BE SAFE. It's not the 1950s, and it's not taboo to talk about staying safe and using protection. It doesn't matter if you are having sex or not, protection should be used for any activity that puts you at risk. Find someone you can talk to, maybe: your parent's, a family member, friend, teacher, doctor, psychologist or even that guy on the radio.

Hey I talked to Jim the homeless guy who surprisingly smells like lilacs, and thinks he's a therapist. I had to give him some beer (but kept him away from the pills) and he gives great advice, just don't confuse him with Dr. Phil (just kidding).

However, this conversation doesn't have to be awkward and there is nothing wrong with just joking around. There is always someone you can talk to, even if you don't have anyone in your life that you can trust. There are a lot of great free clinics that will give you all the information and tools you may need. Check out Planned Parenthood, and also see if your community offers a free clinic. Small clinics are great - especially if you want privacy and are feeling uncomfortable. Remember to talk to someone, be safe and take care of yourself, and only you can decide what is right for you in the end... so ends my public service announcement...


Contributor: FunAndIrish

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Contributor: FunAndIrish

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