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Becoming Well-Known on Eden
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Your friend just told you about this cool new site where you can get free sex toys in exchange for genuine reviews.

  The Beginning to My Journey

I joined Eden about two months ago as a result of a friend’s referral. I remember logging on for the first time and wondering “okay, what now?” There are so many different avenues to take, and I didn’t know where to start. So I wrote. I wrote a review for a toy I had owned for years. It was short, to the point, with no pictures—Dud.

I quickly realized Eden shoppers crave personal experience--They want pictures, they love videos, and they want to connect with others. Since then, I have written 12 reviews, have a following of over 90 people, 6 videos, an article, and a whole lotta’ toys.

These were the steps I took to get there.

  1. Write Meaningful Reviews

The first step to making an imprint in the community is to write thoughtful reviews with personal experiences, and honest opinions. A review about a toy someone loved could be just as practical as one about a toy someone hated. Why? Because it helps the buyer make educated choices when spending their hard-earned dollar!

Your review should at least contain 3-5 facts about the item that a consumer could not identify just by looking at the toy online. Also, pictures sell! Just because there are pictures of the toy online, it doesn’t mean the manufacturer captured it at the same angle you did!

With lingerie, try to take photos of how it appears on your body type (if the material is sheer and you feel uncomfortable taking a picture, wear something underneath). Sharing your measurements is also a must when writing a terrific review. The consumer wants to feel already acquainted before buying the toy—which is why a great reviewer, reviews with their five senses!

  2. Join The Mentor Program

The mentor program is an incredible resource for those just starting their reviewing career on Eden. It’s an opportunity for self-development, and more so than that, community involvement. Every mentor on Eden Fantasys has to reach a certain level of involvement on the site, before being able to share their expertise with mentees. So when you join the program, you know the quality of knowledge you’ll receive will be unparalleled!

The mentors also have an established rapport with members of the community. This is beneficial because they will push you to try new things, and will share your successes with their followers as well. This will propel you forward at a very quick rate.

  3. Share Your Thoughts in the Forums

The forums are an incredible place to learn, share, and connect with other members of the community on Eden Fantasys. There’s something for everyone—and it’s up to you to find what you like. When you post in the forums, not only are you connecting with people and sharing your personal opinions, but you’re also putting your name out there and developing a following. This will also elevate your reviewer rating, and will open up a whole new world of ideas, relationships and strengthen your knowledge base.

  4. Ask Lots of Questions

When I started, the first thing I did was follow all the top reviewers on the site. I went to their reviews, read up on the comments, identified what made them stand out, and sent tons of emails out with questions—and I mean tons. In all honesty, I still do.

Asking questions and soliciting feedback can be immensely beneficial when trying to elevate your rating and strengthen your reviews. If you get used to doing this early on, you will make less mistakes in the future!

One the biggest lessons, I have learned from asking questions, was the value of making videos—mind you, my videos are far from perfect, but I find they’re a great way to add value to your written review and share more of yourself with your readers and followers!

  5. Be Genuine

When you’re being endorsed for writing a review, sometimes you feel it’s not as important to share your opinion if it’s negative. Just don’t forget, that if you thought or felt something, somebody else probably thought or felt the same thing too. When you’re writing reviews or sharing your personal thoughts or beliefs with others, be sensitive to the way that your words can be perceived, but don’t let that get in the way of you being genuine with your audience.

The reason people come back to read your work is because they trust and value what you have to say. So if your review sounds like everyone else’s, or doesn’t bring added value to the table, you’re not being genuine—‘cause your experience will never be the exact same as somebody else.

Most of us are here to learn and grow—and hopefully we’re educating others along the way. So to everyone who’s just joining or starting their journey through Eden: Reach out, ask questions, and be yourself. This will catapult you forward in the community, and furthermore, in everything you do.


I open up the rest of this article to be used for comments and personal experiences, about growing your following, on Eden Fantasys. If you’ve experienced challenges, or found any tips that work well, feel free to post them in the comments section.


Contributor: BiteOnThis

If you have any additional tips, feel free to add them below! There are so many talented people on this site and so much information to be shared!

Contributor: js250

Great article!! I find another important part of being a member on EF is interacting with the other members. Comment thoughtfully on their reviews, message a wall when something really grabs your attention, and when posting a new thread on the forum--make it interesting. I am not that great most of the time at forum posting, is I respond more than make threads,lol!! Most of all--be your normal friendly self!!!

****And glad to have you on the site!!

Contributor: explorer7

really good article for me to read as newish member and not having added too much as yet, i will return to this to read again, thank you for posting

Contributor: Chastity Darling

Thanks for the advice for us newbies. I really appreciate it

Contributor: Wicked Wahine

I'm new & think some newer members make a mistake by posting discussion topics before they've lurked a bit. Naturally, they should first read all the rules, but some lurking about will really help you avoid misunderstandings. I think longer term members quickly lose patience with someone who posts questions/topics that are easily answered by reading a review or are redundant to previously posted discussions. Once you get a reputation for being annoying like this, it takes a while to change people's minds about you. So, avoid a bad reputation while you try to build a good one!

Thank you for a good article that all newbies should read!

Contributor: ellascott

This post is truly inspiring. I like your post and everything you share with us is current and very informative, I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job

Contributor: Vivek Ydv
Vivek Ydv  




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