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How To: Get a Job as a Phone Sex Operator
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Ever wondered how to go about working as a phone sex operator (PSO)? Here is my tutorial guide on the basics of starting your career as a PSO.

  Consider your Availability

How much time are you going to be able to spend on the phone in private? What hours can you play? Is this going to be a full-time career or a part-time gig? When looking for a PSO job, you must know how much time you can commit for two reasons:

1.) The amount of time you put into it majorly determines what your paychecks look like. Generally when you first start phone sex, you could be "online" for hours and never get a call. There are some scenarios where you can log in and you get calls back to back. Like for instance, sometimes being the new girl can pay off while other times callers want to talk to their regular girl. Now, of course, if you are logged in for days at a time and never get a call, I would question the popularity and marketing skills of the company you are working for. But for a general rule of thumb, logging in on a consistent schedule and making yourself available is going to pay off with trying to build a regular clientele.

2.) Most sites require a minimum number of hours you log in every day, week, or month. Some sites even give you a particular schedule. And all sites like the majority of their girls to work during the night and weekends as that is when most callers come in, and keep a few girls on during the day to catch the other callers. The times you log in can not only influence your paycheck but also your employer's opinion of you.


You don't have to practice with another person if you're nervous, but when you take your first call, your caller is going to expect you to get him off. Not being able to control the call and coming off as nervous or new can be a major turn off for most of the men who call in. You can practice alone in your room with a tape recorder or talk dirty to yourself in the shower. Laugh it off. Be comfortable with yourself and when your first call comes in he'll be comfortable with you.

  Income Requirements

PSO work is solely commission. There is no guarantee for a paycheck. You get paid based on the amount of calls you get, the length you keep him on the phone, and the rate per min/hr. Sometimes you might even get a bonus. The amount of time and work you put into it will need to come into question with what your income requirements are. Tally up your bills or needs and figure how much money you need to supplement your income. Congratulations, that is now your monthly goal. If this is a full-time job for you, you will need to devote as much time as you can to get frequent callers. With hard work it is fairly easy to make a great income being an operator. Another thing to consider is how much you are comfortable with being paid. There are sites that pay out great rates to their operators and sites that pay near to nothing. In the past, I have run across sites that pay around ¢30/min and some that pay around $1/min or higher. Starting out, $1/min is average, if not above average. There are many postings on the web that boast things like "30% payouts" or "60% payouts," but the dollar amount really depends on what rate they are selling your talent for. When you do your research of prospect sites, try to find a dollar amount.

  Start Comparing Sites

Do your research. You have determined what your comfort level is, how much time you can apply, and how much money you want to make. My favorite adult job posting board is That is a website that can get you started in the right direction. You can always use a search engine and look for any availabilities as a PSO. The first thing to do is to consider if you want to be direct dial or dispatch. Direct dial is where the callers let the system dial you, and dispatch is where a live operator helps pick out a girl and/or patches them through to a girl. As a dispatcher, I also took credit card payments. Direct Dial tends to pay a bit better while dispatching sites might have a lower payout because they have extra expenses. Starting out, I would suggest going with a dispatch service. Dispatchers love to rotate girls to new callers, so you have a better chance of being picked rather than waiting for someone to search through a bunch of profiles on a website and happen across you.

What you want to look for when searching for a PSO company:

1.) professionalism
2.) pay outs
3.) time requirements
4.) incentive programs
5.) an easy to use platform
6.) flexibility
7.) pay frequency/payout minimums
8.) training programs
9.) familiarity/popularity

Not all posts will have all of this information, but as a suggestion I would send the ones that interest you an email asking for additional information. Interview them. Make sure the one you pick fits you.


When you've done your research and found one or two you are comfortable with, go ahead and submit an application. Most applications are going to ask for your availability and experience. Great thing is that for almost all sites you don't need any experience. Be fun and friendly in your application. Within a week you should get a message or call back. Some PSO sites do interviews. Just be outgoing and sell yourself. Most do not ask for interviews and will instead shoot you an email letting you know you were accepted. Once accepted, keep in contact with your supervisor and meet the community of girls, if available. Be super friendly, ask questions, and explore your new profile platform. If you've been accepted, congratulations! If not, keep trying. There are a TON of sites wanting someone like you. Sex sells!

  Take your First Call

Congratulations! You are now ready to take your first call! Make sure you are in a quiet, distraction free room so you can focus your attention on your client. Use toys if you want to stimulate yourself to feel more comfortable with being sexual on the phone, or just for the auditory benefit for the customer. You can do nothing while you talk on the phone, but make sure you give him the attention he is paying for. Hopefully the site you chose introduced you to a trainer, but if not don't fret. The guy on the other end of the phone might be nervous too. Start with an introduction, and make conversation really trying to get to know him, but not too personal. Remember, when you pick up that phone, you are a character. Never release personal information. Keep the talk light and cheery. Turn your focus on him and his needs and turn him on. This guy, after all, could be a regular after this call. Being a PSO really is a fun and rewarding job. Getting people off is just part of it. Good luck!


Contributor: chicagobearsfan

Sounds like good advice.

Contributor: Livia Drew

Hi, LuckyLady. I'm not interested in becoming a PSO myself, but I've always been curious about this as a profession. You mention the community of PSOs. What's that dynamic like? Do you talk to other PSOs mostly online or are there circumstances where you meet your co-workers in person?

Contributor: lucyntheshy

i am attemptingto look in to this but i just find myself so lost!

Contributor: LuckyLady

Thanks @chicagobearsfan!

@Livia Drew, it really depends on what type of site you work for (if you don't work for yourself which can be worked towards) and the type of communication, if any, they have. For instance, in my experience direct dial sites I worked for kept the workers seperate and we never knew each other or how many there were of us. Dispatching sites I worked with kept the girls communicating with each other. I think with either platform it depends on if the company has the girls market themselves via the site's own hosted chatrooms. Also, most dispatch sites may offer multiple girls on the phone with one guy at the same time and they encourage girls to work together. You can make friends in these instances. Most everyone, however, wants to be anonymous so I don't think personal friends may come out of it all of the time. Thanks for the comment!

@ Lucyntheshy I understand I was lost too when I first started! Try they have a great listing of available pso sites. Also check out some blogs from pso workers as they go in depth and behind the scenes. Good luck! Message me on edenfantasys if you ever want more info!

Contributor: Cowgirl-Cutie

Thanks for all the info! I'm thinking I need to look into this but I'm a bit shy.

Contributor: LuckyLady

What's so fun about being a PSO is you can be anybody. So a person who is shy in real life can project their inner tigress with this job. =)

Contributor: littlelefty

Great Article. It would be interesting to hear if there are PSO jobs for men on gay call in sites.

Contributor: LuckyLady

@littlelefty there are!

Contributor: Sylvan




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