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What's the Content of your Intent?

Melvin Moten (mErocrush)
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When I speak about BDSM practices, one of my core assertions about the difference between consensual kink and abuse is intent. The person who verbally humiliates their partner to gain control and erode the self-esteem of the other, or the spouse who beats and harms their significant other, using violence as a means to destroy, is different from the kinkster, pervert or Leatherperson in one central, pivotal way. And that is intent.


Contributor: KikiChrome

I just have to say how much I always love reading your posts. Your writing is always so evocative - passionate and yet full of insight. I read, I nod, I smile. It is always good...

Contributor: SaiDiscordia

Being new to the scene, I really enjoyed your article. Intent is key. In a previous relationship which was my introduction to BDSM many years ago, something always seemed wrong and I felt more hurt than cared for. That made me bury all my submissive desires and all the kink that went with it when I moved on to new relationships and that was unfortunate. Now that I am older, wiser and more read as to the TRUTH of BDSM, I now recognize it was his intentions that were off not my desires or actions. Great article, look forward to reading more.

Contributor: snarknemesis

Thank you so much for this article. Your writing is extremely helpful and reassuring! I feel like I learn so much from reading your writing.



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