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Make Me Want It

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I am never impressed by sheer brutality in BDSM. I AM impressed when someone can evoke a DESIRE for sheer brutality in BDSM.



Thank you. I cannot count the number of times I've attempted to explain exactly where my pain threshold lies to someone, because it shifts in exactly that way.


Thank you, this is a really interesting perspective that speaks to my current journey.


I love this, so much. Thank you for writing it, it's very insightful and I feel like it will help lots of people (myself included) who read it.

Strap-on Jo  

Your writing is beautiful like you are. Best wishes on the book tour!


Extremely interesting...


Thank you for expressing so eloquently how I have feel about this. I have been approached by many who think that they can force me to submit to their will. A good dominant allows me the space to submit to their will because it is my desire to please them.


Oh man this is exactly it. I am a switch, and as much as I enjoy inflicting pain, it's not going to do anything for me (and probably them) unless we're both wanting, unless we're both needing. And vice versa too. I am not just purely a sadist or a masochist. There has to be a connection, or the connection of pain = pleasure is more pain =/= pleasure get me out of here!
This article is lovely, and so are you.


Awesome story



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