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It Takes a Village

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While it's tempting for single mothers to view their contribution as the only one that really matters, it's important to acknowledge the role of father to a child.



I find this whole BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN! theme on this site lately just entirely offputting. It makes me want to unsubscribe and not read anymore.

I say that as someone who was raised by a single father.

People need to stop telling women what to do with their bodies and backseat driving their parenting, ffs.


We're sorry you feel that way, but as SexIs Magazine is an inclusive publication, we choose to include the men in our discussions and accept that they are as much of a part of procreation and parenting as the mother. It takes two to tango.

That being said, no one is trying to tell a woman what to do with her body, or how to parent her children. SexIs Subjective is a writing project in which we ask our readers the hard questions. This month, we asked "What about the rights of the father?" The articles we received in response are the opinions of our contributors. While we allow them to express them, SexIs does not necessarily endorse them.

Thank you for your comment.


lilylloyd that props too you. All i have to say to this is.... I am a single mom. My child does not have her father in her life. Her life is better because of it. If he was a strong male role model yes he would be in her life but instead he was druck and abusive.

So did he have rights? someone who has a negitavie effect on the child should not have rights. I'm not being a feminist or libel im stating a fact.

So if the male counter part to this relationship was in all terms a "FATHER" he would be in the childs life nothing would stop him and the courts sure as hell would see to that. But if this person is by all means just a baby daddy/ or just the sperm in the equation then them and the so called rights!



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Every month, we'll ask a question, and we want your honest opinion in 500 words or more. These articles are purely the opinions of our contributors. While we support their right to express them, we do not necessarily agree with or stand by their opinions.

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