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The Savanna Samson Interview: Part 2

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Everyone knows that adult film star Savanna Samson has a smokin' hot body. Yesterday we learned that she also has a pretty impressive worldview to go along with it. Today, Savanna talks about her favorite co-stars, what's in store for her future, and advises anyone who wants to follow in her X-rated footsteps about the things that truly matter if you're considering a career in the porn industry.


In regards to 60 being the new 40, I think goddess women - women who are fully in touch with their sexuality and radiant feminine energy - remain vibrant and sexy for years and years. The ones who are closed off and don't tap into that essential part of themselves forget their radiance and dry up.



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Nowhere have the effects of HIV/AIDs been more strongly felt than in the arts. But even in the face of devastating loss, AIDS also inspired an enduring array of works destined to become the masterpieces of our time, and spawned a new breed of activists, whose art both offered hope and raised funding for research, outreach and education. SexIs spotlights the pioneers who polarized the movement, as well as those who carry the torch today, passing it forward, until a cure can be found.

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