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The Top 10 Signs You’re Reading Bad Erotica

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Contributor: Liz Langley

Thanks for a funny story, though my sympathies on having to read a lot of bad erotica in order to write it. The penis euphemisms especially evoke that laugh-while-wincing reaction - maybe I'm minimalist and easy-to-please but a simple "cock" is good enough for me.

Contributor: Nobilis Reed
Nobilis Reed  

For those whose minds are open enough to consider science fiction and erotica in the same paragraph, here are some top-flight authors who have turned their words in the sexual direction and somehow managed to produce good fiction:


Of specific note in this list are Octavia Butler (Science Fiction Hall-of-Famer) and Charles Stross (Locus award winner, nominated for many others).

...but maybe writers of that caliber just weren't submitting to

Contributor: Jill Ingoff

oh god, I laughed my ass off reading this post!! I'm a big fan of (good) erotica and I've read my share of terrible erotica so this is just toooo funny.

Contributor: inbarati

I disagree that all sci-fi erotica is bad, guys. Maybe because I write it. =/ Way to throw out the baby with the bathwater there.

Contributor: Sam Benjamin

This is amazing. Thanks for the hilarious article.

Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

Hahaha Great read!

Contributor: Illusional

This was an amusing read at one in the morning.

Contributor: Pleasure Piratess

And here I thought I wasn't doing it right since I've never gotten off just from giving a BJ, lol!!!

Contributor: Cream in the Cupcake

#10 is the best

Contributor: Kat-Troy

no. 9 is my favorite... this made me laugh so hard.

Contributor: Emma Star Baby

This made me and my lover laugh so hard he almost peed. lmao

Contributor: Teacookie

Thank you I could use more guide lines and I'm so happy I never read those.



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