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The Top 10 Signs You’re Reading Bad Erotica

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Thanks for a funny story, though my sympathies on having to read a lot of bad erotica in order to write it. The penis euphemisms especially evoke that laugh-while-wincing reaction - maybe I'm minimalist and easy-to-please but a simple "cock" is good enough for me.

Nobilis Reed  

For those whose minds are open enough to consider science fiction and erotica in the same paragraph, here are some top-flight authors who have turned their words in the sexual direction and somehow managed to produce good fiction:


Of specific note in this list are Octavia Butler (Science Fiction Hall-of-Famer) and Charles Stross (Locus award winner, nominated for many others).

...but maybe writers of that caliber just weren't submitting to


oh god, I laughed my ass off reading this post!! I'm a big fan of (good) erotica and I've read my share of terrible erotica so this is just toooo funny.


I disagree that all sci-fi erotica is bad, guys. Maybe because I write it. =/ Way to throw out the baby with the bathwater there.


This is amazing. Thanks for the hilarious article.


Hahaha Great read!


This was an amusing read at one in the morning.


And here I thought I wasn't doing it right since I've never gotten off just from giving a BJ, lol!!!


#10 is the best


no. 9 is my favorite... this made me laugh so hard.


This made me and my lover laugh so hard he almost peed. lmao


Thank you I could use more guide lines and I'm so happy I never read those.


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