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Breastfeed Your Man

Breastfeed Your Man
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Would you breastfeed your man? Breast milk is extremely nutritious. There are many couples who enjoy an adult breastfeeding relationship everyday. Between adults, it can be a very rewarding, pleasurable, and intimate act.


Thanks for the article. Honestly, I have seen stroke victims that have had poor prognosis's receive breast milk and have had great recoveries, The components of breast milk are healing!!


Good article. I've never understood why society finds it acceptable to drink fluids out of an animal, but nourishment from a human body is taboo.

Thank you for taking the time to write this!


well said you guys! thanks for the feedback =)


Great article! I'm glad you mentioned sites where we can learn more about making it happen. I'd love to read an article (maybe you'd be interested in writing one) with tips on how to get your body to produce it when... well, when you aren't actually pregnant. I wish I'd have thought of trying my own when I was pregnant. I know, I'm strange! Lol, it's really interesting though.


good idea @ Kendra. I've researched a good bit about ANR over the years and have always found it difficult to find a collective resource for information on lactation induction. I know there are many techniques some people can try but there isn't like a list of them; they're scattered around the web. I just might write that article =)



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