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Do YOU think it's better?
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Love is an amazing thing. For such a short word, it packs an incredible meaning which differs from person to person. I don't believe two people in the whole world define the word in the same way. It produces the most amazing highs and the most rock bottom lows. Love is a verb. Love is a battlefield. Love is patient. Love is blind. What is love? And is it truly better to to have loved and lost, or to never experience it at all?


Contributor: LadyDarknezz

This is such an amazing article! Thank you for sharing! I just wish I could agree with you about it being better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. I just simply can't do it. I've been sexually abused for most of my life and I needed a strong man that could have helped me view men in a positive light, but he didn't. He was the scum of the earth and made things much worse for me. I wish I never wasted love on him. I can't think of anything positive that came out of that relationship. I developed my incurable pancreas illness a couple of years after the terrible break-up, so it wasn't like I was able to get back into the dating scene. : (

Whoa, random venting, I apologize for that, it is just a really touchy subject and brings back terrible memories for me. Again, I do appreciate you sharing this article though. I hope everything goes well for you

Contributor: Airen Wolf

Sometimes the opposite is true to the adage that no one loves you like family. In my case no one has tortured my love for them quite as often, or as viciously, as my family. It was a relief to discover that love doesn't have to hurt and shouldn't be said with a raised fist, or a nasty comment about your worth as a person.
I do believe that is is better to risk loving even if you also risk losing.

Contributor: PropertyOfPotter

Thank you LadyDarknezz for sharing that! I truly hope that you're able to overcome all the horrible things you've had to deal with!

Airen Wolf, you are absolutely right! I made sure to start off with 'sometimes' because I certainly have had my fair share of family causing more pain than anything else, no matter how much I have shown them love. I'm sorry to hear that you've been through so much negative with your family, but I'm glad that you believe it's still better to risk loving!



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