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My Cam Girl Experience
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I was just a broke college girl who needed some extra cash. I discovered I also needed some extra kink. A Master took me as his Sub and I learned a few things. I also lost a Master in the process.


Contributor: LuckyLady

There was something I forgot to mention in this article. After breaking it off with this man he started to troll me every day until I eventually had to switch to another site. I now cam for only two months out of the year. Thanks for reading!

Contributor: Hummingbird

Thanks for sharing. I know this is the usual comment but in this case this means quite a bit. For me right now its not the money I need but the attention I crave. Reading how something so right can go so wrong really helps a great deal.

Contributor: Trysexual

Interesting. If I was a girl, I'd love doing this.



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