Sex & Society » Video Blogs, Men, Women: "Are Hypocrisy and Thievery Prominent Among Sex Bloggers?"

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Are Hypocrisy and Thievery Prominent Among Sex Bloggers?

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When one sex blogger cried copyright foul, it highlighted the daily hypocrisy she and other sex bloggers exhibit in thieving other people’s intellectual property. Copyright infringement, without a doubt, is unsexy.

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Excellent article.

BTW what's the proper way of adding a googled image? Not to do it at all / mark the source it's from / search for its creator/owner and ask for permission?

What about screenshots from a movie? (xxx)


I think you raise some excellent points Mr. Hulme, however I don't think that Furry Girl's reaction is entirely unwarranted. She was contacted by Sarah Abdurrahman several times for the piece and declined to participate. So what did Ms. A. do? In a broadcast/podcast lasting only three and a half minutes, she spent a minute and a half, or one-third of it, regurgitating the information from Furry Girl's blog post, without mentioning Furry Girl's website or name. Also, the info Abdurrahman pulled was not limited to facts or figures about the FoIA, she spoke specifically of Furry Girl's personal experience. Even if you believe there was no copyright violation, there is certainly a question about ethical journalism.


Hi Petite! I can't believe I missed this.

Nope, totally disagree. If you put something out on the public sphere, people are free to talk about it as much as they want. That's the very fundamental basis of "fair use" and if Furry Girl hadn't wanted NPR to talk about her article, she shouldn't have posted it publicly. Sarah Abdurrahman was being VERY ethical in requesting her involvement - but because she didn't plagiarize any of the content, was well within her rights - and ethics - to do what she did.


Howells! In a movie review, you can paste screenshots as part of "fair use" - or even short clips. You just have to give attribution. As for photos - if it's Creative Commons 3,0 you can use them non commercially without attribution - otherwise, even with attribution, it violates copyright to repost them.



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