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My Case for a Black Bond: Adding Some Color to the 007 Franchise

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Last week, MGM pictures announced they were close to casting British actress Naomie Harris as the new Miss Moneypenny in their rebooted James Bond franchise. Sexy, smart and snarky, Harris promises to bring some real edge to the role of M’s dutiful secretary.



Cuba Gooding, jr. would be the ULTIMATE first black Bond!


Sorry, but when they cast a Black Bond, I'll be jumping ship after 40+ years of being a Bond fan. Bond was not written as being Black and I'm sick to death of making old TV/Movie characters and changing colors (Not just Black, but ANY other color than as was original) in an effort to be just a little bit more PC!!
I like Colin Salmon (Very nice looking and a GREAT voice), and I've enjoyed watching the roles that he's portrayed, but he is NOT Bond.
Likewise, I really don't care much for Naomie Harris as Moneypenny either. And while Daniel Craig wouldn't have been my first choice for Bond either - He's sure as hell better than Timothy Dalton! Didn't care much for Lazenby either - just wasn't quite the look, nor the emotional level expected.
In the end, any change will be voted for or denounced at the box office. And while I might watch it once it got around to streaming on NetFlix, I sure as hell wouldn't fork over the money at the theatre to do so.


I'd be happy to see Bond or Moneypenny played by an actor or actress of another race, and I have no problem with casting people in any movie based on their acting skills rather than their skin colors.

That being said, as much as I love Bond movies, I am the first to admit that James Bond is a jerk. When it's a white guy being incredibly violent and using women like tissues, it's just the character, but I'm afraid that it might be seen as social commentary if Bond were black and did the same things (especially for young people and those who haven't seen the older movies). Instead of "James Bond is very violent and uses women," it might become "Black guys are very violent and use women." I'd love to see the movie anyway, and I'd hope that nobody would read too much into the skin colors of the actors, but you know that some people would make an issue of it. Not that we should let their objections close off the parts to non-white actors. I would have loved to see Salmon as Bond instead of Craig.


@Thanatos63: Really? Really? You're going to give up 40+ years of fandom if they cast a POC as James Bond? Did you even read the article? Roland isn't saying they should do it to be PC, but because the actor in question has the qualifications for it and oh, by the way, he's black. I think the "James Bond as a position" theory is brilliant and would make sense in these modern times to have someone in the role who isn't white. You're entitled to your opinion, but I think you'd be missing out.

As for me, I'd never been a huge James Bond fan until I saw the Daniel Craig movies. Maybe having a Bond of color would bring in new fans who were never interested in the movies before.



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