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Bartholin Gland cyst or abscess, i.e. The Newlyweds or Honeymoon Disease

2003 Marcia Harstock -
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We’ve all read many articles on our more erotic pleasurable spots, those many spots down there in our nether region that pleasure us so well, but what about the one that can get infected and cause pain? I’m talking about the Bartholin Gland, which is located on the outside folds of the labia. These glands lay mostly in discreet places and out of harm's way during our lifetimes but occasionally they can become irritated, even inflamed, and if not treated, infected.


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Contributor: Wicked Wahine

This was so interesting & I love learning new things! I hope all is resolved soon, not just because of the discomfort you experience, but also because of the worry now that you know more about possible consequences.

I would not be too concerned about having this past the expected age range as you probably have a structural cause that predisposes you to easy blockage of the ducts, as evidenced by the continued occurrence throughout your life despite proper care. Speaking of your care routine, you do know not to use anything containing talc on your genitals, right? Corn starch, or an other type of baby powder is a safer option since talc has been linked to cervical cancer, (linked to, not proven to cause).

There is one other thing you could do that was recommended to my mother years ago; whenever possible, do not wear underpants. Growing up, none of us kids wore underpants to bed & unless I have my period, for example, I don't wear underpants while dressed for bed, or while sleeping. It is good to allow air to access the area & let it "breathe". In any case, it will not harm you in the least to do this. I usually bathe at night, so it is easy to just slip on a loose gown, or top and be done with it.

Good luck, and if you are comfortable, please comment on this article with what the diagnosis, or the plan of treatment is. I am sure there are some others who read this & are similarly affected as you by these problems.Imagine how nice it would have been to read this information when you were younger!

Contributor: Hummingbird

Wicked Wahine... The discomfort is easing up with the daily sitting baths, though I am getting a little anxious for some extracurricular activities. The consequences as I mention in my article are only a possibility and while I intend on addressing it soon with my doctor, I'm not losing sleep over it.

I appreciate your comment about the talc, I was advised to use it as an antiperspirant by my first family doctor, gee almost 40 years ago. I like your idea better, don't use it at all for the possible link to cervical cancer and instead go without underpants. This is fine for at home however, at work I feel more confident wearing at least the white cotton ones to at least absorb excess sweating during the day. The cotton also allows my skin a chance to "breathe".

I look forward to updating this article with an the diagnoses and depending on the out come, maybe even a follow-up article. This information would have been great when I was younger, I had thought back then I had done something wrong and even felt guilt about it. There is no shame having this infection, some times things just happen. Thanks for your input!

Contributor: Wicked Wahine

Oh, I think wearing a cotton barrier between you & clothes during the day is essential to prevent the rubbing that could cause inflammation. Have you also discussed what you are using for cleansing the area daily when not in a flare up? Seems to me there should be more info & understanding about this by now! I look forward to you being able to put this behind you for good! I hope more people see this article, too!



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