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Bustin’ My Balls: Or How A Vasectomy Hits A Man Where it Hurts

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When I had my vasectomy, it wasn’t merely physical discomfort I had to deal with.


I had my vasectomy almost fifteen years ago, and have never regretted it. Maybe things have changed since them, but when they injected the anesthetic into my scrotum, it was one of the most incredibly painful things I have ever experienced. I mean like searing, please let me die, pain. Over before too long, once the anesthetic kicked in, but man did it hurt. The second side was maybe worse, because I knew what was coming.
I agree that it is a big decision. You really do need to be sure you're comfortable knowing that you'll not be able to father children again. But for many men that time will come, and it's important to focus on the practical side of this. The whole "virility" business is over-rated. Moreover, if you want to take out some insurance, you can always deposit some sperm in a bank.
It was sweet of your current wife to think about your next one.


So wait, what? To be continued?!



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