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Healing through Masturbation
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Life is full of ironies. This is how to have better sex with others by having sex with yourself.



You go girl! Overcome it! I'm cheering for you and trying to follow your example in my own way to overcome my own sexual problems, I also have this just didn't know what it was called. A doctor told me it's pelvic spasms or bladder spasms and I'm on strong musle relaxants to keep them under control. My spasms are so severely painful and intense that they are part of the reason I can barely even walk around cause I get them 24/7 not just when dealing with sex, though they are WAY worse during even light play and can hurt for days afterward. I feel your pain. Hopefully we'll both overcome our medical problems in this area. I do still think masturbation is the way to go on this. I cringe at the thought of a doctor's treatments for this when I can do this myself at home without extra stress.


Oh! I'm so glad to have read your comment. My heart really goes out to you and thank you so much for your kind words.


I have a similar problem so reading that you've made progress with yours is both inspirational and uplifting. Thank you.



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