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Pelvic floor health for stronger orgasms

Pelvic floor health for stronger orgasms
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Orgasms are linked with muscular response in the pelvic area. The stronger the muscles, the stronger the orgasms! Here are some personal tips on how to prepare yourself and how to use jade eggs to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Note that I will be using the word "Yoni" when referring to the vagina, a tantric/sanskrit term that means womb, place of birth, source, origin.

  Jade egg practice

This practice allows the strengthening of the PC muscle, increases vaginal sensitivity and perception and allows the connection with the sexual organs and sexual energy. It nourishes the deep feminine essence and develops the harmonization of emotions and our connection with intimacy. It also helps to reduce symptoms and cramps associated with menstruations. For those who are interested in stone proprieties, jade has many virtues and beneficial properties such as the cleaning of negative energies, which harmonizes and purifies the Yoni.

These exercises are done slowly. Before you begin, take a moment of contact, placing one hand on the heart and one hand on the lower abdomen at the level of the ovaries or at the entrance of the Yoni, bringing love and warmth from your heart to your Yoni. Gently insert the previously sterilized and lubricated egg.

Examples of exercises to do with the egg:
-Move the egg up and down into the vagina
-Push the egg towards the entrance of the vagina
-Push the egg on the left and the right, and forward-back of the vaginal walls.
-Isolate the muscle groups within the vaginal channel (top/middle/bottom) by alternately squeezing the vaginal muscles from top, middle and bottom parts on the inhale, exhaling and relaxing completely between each squeeze. Repeat three to nine times.

If your egg is provided with a hole for this purpose, it is possible to thread and attach a string. My personal favorite is unwaxed dental floss. At that point you can do exercises such as:
-Rhythmic tractions on the wire while the yoni is contracting. Pull the thread on the inhale, let go of the wire on the exhale.
-When The Yoni is ready and strong enough, it is possible to attach a weight to the other end, such as a water bottle that can be filled gradually. It is possible to raise and lower the bottle (which is outside the yoni) with the help of the egg (which is in the Yoni).
It is also possible to practice with varying the egg sizes, starting with a larger egg (which is easier to feel and therefore with which it is easier to start) using eggs increasingly smaller.

Hopefully these few tips can bring you ideas, clarity, fun and bliss. Enjoy!



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