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STD Myths: You Can't Really Believe That!

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It's amazing the crazy things people believe when it comes to STDs and protection. Here are some of the craziest I've heard, and the real truths that people need to know.


Sorry that ear wax one cracked me up. And it is quite sad how stupid people are when it comes to STDs.


I know, right! I was so awe-struck at the stupidity of the idea, that I sat there with my mouth hanging. I made everyone stay in group an extra 15 minutes to go over safe sex again.

And thanks for reading! *hugs and kisses*


I taught high school for a year in the south, where they have abstinence only "sex ed" and about 1/3 of my students had kids... I was amazed by the questions they would ask me, things I learned in sex ed in middle school. It is appalling how little they know and how many people refuse to teach them because of their own religious beliefs.


I find it sad. Although I don't disagree with teaching abstinence, I think we need to be realistic. Many teens are going to have sex. And because of these, we need to teach them the facts. We need to let them know how to be safe. If not, we are only setting them up for failure!


The lack of adequate sex ed in this country terrifies me. I hadn't heard the ear wax method before, but it doesn't surprise me. A friend back in high school was convinced that putting an aspirin in her vagina would prevent pregnancy. I think she misunderstood the 'Put an aspirin between your legs and hold it there' joke, but she was surprised when she was knocked up at 16. She was the only one surprised though.


Sex Ed really needs to be taught in schools. I had never heard of the ear wax method before and it astounds me how many myths are out there. I know first hand about how chlamydia goes dormant, last Christmas I found out I had it after being in a monogamous relationship for 9 years. I had first been tested just after we had started having sex and I hadn't been with anyone before that and got tested regularly but it had never shown up.
I was very upset and started doubting my partner even though he'd never given me reason to before but found out that it can lie dormant. We both got treated, he told his previous long term gf who told him that she already knew that she had had it but didn't bother to tell him (they didn't use condoms because she said she was on birth control) I feel bad for her other bf's who aren't getting tested


wow i had no idea people were that stupid. ear wax? disgusting and ignorant. this is why all teenagers should have internet access imo, and learn how to know what sources to use for accurate info. i get tested regularly even if monogamous. i look at it as a routine part of my annual. and then i get tested when a relationship ends before i will go out with anybody else.


Very informative, and you know, I wouldn't have believed that people actually thought the ear wax thing was real except a year or two ago, a younger male friend of mine (18 years old actually) said he knew how to tell if a girl had an STD and told us that he puts his finger in his ear, and inserts into her vagina. He said if it causes burning and severe pain (supposedly the female would be in excruciating pain!) she's STD ridden! WHAT?! LOL. I was truly appalled and this was the first and only time I'd ever heard that until just now, reading your article. It blows my mind that people think these things are true. I was taught about all things sex by my parents from the third grade up until after high school. I also had sex ed at my school that taught us early the myths and stuff, but I wonder, where are these people during that class? How do they end up thinking crazy things about STDs when there's sex ed everywhere? Lol. I guess every school is different.

Great article!



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