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Eden Lit Club: October Story Starts and All Things Fall!
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The air is crisp, colors are exploding all over, and school is well into its first semester. We're all gathering up and settling down for the winter. The Eden Lit Club is also settling in and harvesting all the creative energy.

  Weird Sex Facts for October

Apparently, and according to those who spend money researching silly sex practices, women who read romance novels have sex twice as often as those who refuse to! Are you really shocked? C'mon, you can be honest here. Reading all about Amelia Ambrose and Charlton St. Claire getting it on while he flexes his manly muscles and she swoons with girlish glee is enough to make any red blooded woman wanna re-enact the scene with her hunky guy, right?

Now rats have the right idea. If left to their own devices, and with plenty of food stored away, male and female rats may have sex up to 20 times in a day! I wonder if they are perusing the romance aisle at the local bookstore?

  Eden Lit October Featured Author

Our featured author for October is ScarletFox. She has joined us for a few meetings and has wow'd us with her skill and the depth of feeling she pours into her work. This month she tackled the story start that had spooky overtones and she wove us a story that was gripping and as twisty as a slinky in the hands of a child! Here's the start she followed to set up her story:

This Summer was one of the hottest on record and it was only just beginning to cool off as Halloween rolled around. The entire town was in a festive mood and the haunted houses seemed extra spooky in the cool evening air. Parties were springing up all over town for at least two weeks before October 31! Tonight, however, was the big night and this party was going to be the best ever.

I had invited all the right people and my naked skin felt cool and comfortable beneath my skimpy maid costume. The party would be held out in the backyard lit by a giant bonfire. Hell, even the Pagans were planning on attending!
As I was walking out and admiring the beautiful large full moon, I felt a frisson of fear skitter down my back. I shuddered and crossed my arms over my chest. I tried to shake off the feeling of dread and went back to admiring my decorations. They were really spooky and I was sure that this explained my earlier experience.

Here's an excerpt of her amazing story:

"But I still headed back inside, feeling better once I crossed the threshold into my home. Just as I did I heard the doorbell ring and made my way to answer. Picking up the black and white lace mask that I was wearing with my costume. What was a little Halloween party with out some mystery?

As the guests slowly trickled in, I took notice of all the masks they where wearing. Some where finely crafted masks made to look like ghouls and ghosts expected, while others simply opted for something simple with their normal costumes. Though I was keeping my eyes peeled for the devil himself, well that was my boyfriend who told me that his costume was going to be such. He had sent me a text telling me to keep an eye out for a man in a red mask with horns. I was excited to see how he would look tonight and of course what he would think of my costume.

I stepped outside after letting another group in, the last of the people I knew to be attending other than my boyfriend. Ready to just play hostess and make sure everyone was taken care of. The same chill came over me, running along my spine and making me feel almost as if someone was watching me. Shaking it off I grabbed a drink and started to mingle.

The bonfire was already tall and steady, having been started by a friend who also worked for the fire department, and it made the backyard as warm and inviting as the house had been. People where sitting around it on large thick logs, drinking and telling stories to one another. I settled in just as a gentleman in a mask that made him look almost like a Raven started to speak, by his voice I barely recognized him to be one of the local Pagans that had come. I settled for a moment to listen to him

"Many people don't really remember why we wear costumes and light bonfires on Halloween, but it started with the Celtic festival known as Samhain. They would do it to ward off the meaner spirits of the dead, who could pass from beyond on those nights as the veil between life and death was thin. To keep the Slugah of the fae away as well, from playing their tricks and of course looking for treats that normally where little children who had been bad. It was on this night that they said even the devil himself could walk the streets of a town without being noticed. To me I think even though we forget these things, that on a night like tonight anything is possible if we really belive in it."

Moving on to see how other guests where doing, I couldn't help but think back about how he spoke about the devil."

To read the ending of this little drama: Date With The Devil. Please leave a little note on the forum to let her know what you think.

  Obscure Vocabulary

Uxorious: ux·o·ri·ous
Adjective: Having or showing an excessive or submissive fondness for one's wife.
Adverb: ux·o·ri·ous·ly
Noun: ux·o·ri·ous·ness

Possible origin of the word UXORIOUS:
Latin uxorius uxorious, uxorial, from uxor wife
First Known Use: 1598

So for those of you who are looking for a really cool way of saying "slave to your woman," here is a word for your consideration: Uxorious. You are no longer a sissy boy or a pussy whipped husband, you are simply an uxorious spouse!
Use this fine word in a sentence to impress your friends today.


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