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My Experience as a Cam Girl

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Most people assume cam girls on sites like My Free Cams, Chaturbate, and Many Vids (among others),are easy anx live a lavish life. Sadly, that's not the case.

  Just because we chose to show our bodies, doesn't give you permission to he a bellend.

Many people who log on to cam sites assume that because we are showing our bodies and sometimes performing sexual acts, that means they can say whatever they want and degrade us. WRONG. I would straight up block someone when they did this. I am human, I have feelings and do not tolerate ignorant bullying of any type of sex worker. Not to mention the disrespectful people are usually the ones not paying, so off with thee.

  We do this fof ourselves not because we need attention

I have never ever seen a girl cam for nothing but attention. We do it because we see the demand for sexy, appealing women, pleasing themselves for others to view. Not because we want to sleep with everyone and need loads of attention.

  My relationship is non of your business

I could be single, I could be committed, hell I might be married. That's my choice to disclose that info or to not disclose it. If you find out who I'm with, it's basic human decency to treat us with respect. You wouldn't go up to a fast food workers significant other and cuss them out or harass them, right? (If you said wrong, WTF is wrong with you?) So, don't do it to sex workers.


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