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#SexFeed: Rabbis Compare German Circumcision Ban to the Holocaust

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A court ruling in Germany last month saw the practice of infant circumcision restricted throughout the city of Cologne, after police were alerted to a Muslim child who was bleeding seriously following a botched circumcision.


To me this is an atach on religouse freedoms. Yes, in all things there is a bit of risk. But this is the life sytle as it has been for thousands of years. It is a life all are raised to embrace. Although, all children may not choose to follow, no would like to see the poles of how many now adults regreat that their parents had it done. I doubt, there would be many objections.


I'd rather see greater oversight of the process and conditions under which the practice is performed rather than banning it (safety/health issues). Granted, I'm circumcised so I have no basis of comparison, but I certainly don't feel like I've lost out on anything in life without a foreskin. Male circumcision is a way different creature than female "circumcision" (which removes the entire clit and surely fucks up ability to orgasm and is clearly designed to restrain women socially).


There is so much disinformation... and editorializing... here.

Goldschmidt is not hyperbolizing. Throughout history, Jews (and tehir oppressors) always considered the circumcision rite to be at the core of Judaism, alongside Sabbath and the calendar.

"There are many who argue," is, to use WikiPedia's description for it, a weasel. There are not that many, just some vocal, agenda-driven opinions, their numbers dwarfed by those who disagree (some of whom are agenda-driven, some of whom are not). Do your research. Don't forget, news slants towards the new, the sensational, the unusual opinion, skewing things towards "equal time" for all opinions.

The NYC metzitza b'peh cases are also controversial for both sides. There were not 11 cases -- there were six, spread out over a decade. None of those cases have been demonstrated to be caused by the mohel, but the health department does not want to consider a thorough examination. (Doesn't help that the subjects feel under attack, and therefore don't cooperate.) In the most recent case, the family of the dead child has gone to a community newspaper and stated that the health department willfully misconstrued the case, and ignored the fact that an an older brother (a toddler) is the likely source of infection, having been known to be shedding during the time of transmission.


No offense to other countries or religions, but I've done my research long before this article came about & have made the choice to never circumcise our little boy (if we ever have one.) There is no medical reason, so there is no reason I will put my child through that. If they want it done, We'll PAY for the anesthesia once they make that decision and instead of choosing for them and having it done with no pain meds or anesthesia



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