Society » Culture, The Law: "Sandusky, Savile and worse – Why do we tolerate sexual predators?"

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Sandusky, Savile and worse – Why do we tolerate sexual predators?

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Out loud, we all claim to despise sexual predators. So why do we tolerate so many of them?


Contributor: geekkink

In America it's okay for women to molest boys if those women are sexy.

Contributor: Cas A Nova

In America it is not ok for those things to happen. It just happens because somehow people don't think women can molest, and obviously (ugh) the boy is lucky if a woman is teaching him to have sex. It's still wrong, and it's still under-reported because people are terrible at the core at going against the grain and reporting things.

It's why I never got help, and it's why so many of my friends never got help.



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