Sex & Society » Religion, Politics, Sexuality: "Vatican in War of Words with Ireland over Sex Abuse Scandal"
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Vatican in War of Words with Ireland over Sex Abuse Scandal

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“Sorry” never seems to be one of those words, does it.


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Contributor: Yandor Thon
Yandor Thon  

'But God does not protect a Temple that has been turned into a "Den of Robbers"'
Pope Benedict XVI

Temple, or Church there is a den of robbers amongst us. Some may say that when Jesus saw what was going on in the temple he lashed out at the corrupt, but surely not every Jew, back then, was corrupt or doing dealings in the Temple that were not right. The same is the way with the Catholic Chuch now, and many other churches. They are filled with good people, but robbers, thieves, and child molesters have corrupted the church and the infestation has crept high up in its ranks.

The Pope wears gold is a controversial painting, but one that hopes to put an image to the treachery.




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