Society » Culture: "SexIs Subjective: I put a spell on you and now you're mine..."

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SexIs Subjective: I put a spell on you and now you're mine...
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Is the appeal of Halloween just a spell? What makes Halloween so attractive and sexy and mysteriously spooky? It's a day of masquerade, a day you can live out your fantasies without the world judging you. Sometimes the real you is just dying to shine, yet there is a little inner part of you that is afraid to let her out, but on Halloween, you can set her free and live in the moment.

  Halloween as I see it?

It has since become a night of fantasy, what once was a hiding from ghosts. Isn't that what we all do? Hide behind the mask of what the world thinks we should be? Think about when you sit down to pick out your costume. How much time do you sit and put into it and fantasize about it? And how much time and money do you actually put into finding just the right costume? How many times have you picked something sexy to show off what you have and/or are? I have rarely seen someone who even at the last second that threw together something fast, be it something or someone they didn't fantasize about, even if you just grab cat ears and a tail. Putting those on just somehow makes you feel sexier, even if it's just for that one night...

An example would be my friends and my costume this year. I am Red Riding Hood. I wanted to be Alice in Wonderland, but my size sold out. So my back up? Yet another story book character...Do I find the fairy tale girls to be sexy? HELL YEAH! They never had to worry about what people thought of them and they all wore sexy lil dresses to frolic about the woods. Think about it. Don't get me started on the actual real Grimm tales. Now my bestie is going as a pirate. Sexy short skirt and sword toting pirate. When we think of pirates we think of sexy men and woman traveling the high seas in search for treasures, and they always are glamorized in the movies. Example: Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Now how sexy is that I ask you? My other friend is a sexy red devil. The devil has always seemed to represent sex in one way or another, and another friend is a french maid. How many times in a guy's life does he not fantasize about having his woman in one of these outfits? So needless to say, wearing this outfit would make you feel very sexy, knowing the second you walk in the guy's heads will turn and see you, and maybe even fantasize about you.

Overall I think that what it boils down to is that we all want to let loose and feel sexy even if only for one night a year. You get to break free from your mundane everyday responsible life, and live out your fantasies...


Contributor: Cinnyree

I love it! great article! way to come through

Contributor: BrokenChell

Thanks Cinny I was hoping, since it was my first article



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