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Does Your Partner Mind if You Touch Yourself in Bed?

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I confess that I have trouble sleeping if I don’t have an orgasm that night. It usually doesn’t even matter if I got off in the morning, or if we had sex four hours before bedtime. If my body has already gotten over the endorphins, I have trouble sleeping.



I'm the same way, unless i'm so tired, I fall asleep immediately, I need an orgasm before bed. Plus taking care of yourself before bed means mutual activities can occur earlier, when both parties are less tired and more on their A-game, which is better for everyone.


My boyfriend is kind of conservative so I think it would be too awkward. But it's great that you can use it to overcome your problem!


I love this article! My boyfriend and I have been using toys in the bed for quite a while, but it is only recently we have decided to use them on ourselves. He finds it a huge turn on for me to masturbate infront of him and I find it irrestable to watch him touch himself. We never let eachother touch ourselves too long though, before we know it, we are on top of eachother fucking away. I think it is a great way to start things up. Much sexier than, "So, wanna do it?". I'm glad your problem has been resolved and I wish you a happy sex life in the future!


This was a very interesting article! I would say at first it creeped me out but then I felt kind of sexy because he couldn't keep his eyes off me and eventually couldn't keep his hands off me. I believe masturbation is an important part in any humans sex life because it relieve much needed stress.

Denise M Calabrese  

lol I did this morning lying in bed while my fiance was having a conversation with me. He stopped looked down and was like ...Are you touching yourself? My reply, What does it look like?, next thing ya know boosha boosha boosha Boom Boom Boom LOL

That Guy over there  

If she's not in the mood my wife is ok with it if I knock a quick one out. She's seen me masturbate so many times in the last twenty years it's almost a cliche. I'll be honest and say I love the exhibition of Jerking Off in front of her combined with her blase' attitude about it. However if we're both in the mood, there's no mutual masturbation going on. It's some good loving we're after and having. I feel very blessed that I have her. Not just for the relationship we have but because it's also shame free.

You're horny? Go ahead and pop one off Honey. Afterwards, was it good? That's nice, here's a Kleenex.


This is one thing my husband and I have never argued on. We masturbate together and separately (cause sometimes you don't want an audience) and then when we're having sex we'll share fantasies we've been going over. I have never understood the objection to masturbation. It feels good for a reason and if you can enjoy it together it just makes you a stronger couple.

Hell sometimes we tell each other to go off and have a little "self satisfaction" its healthy, it's normal and its HOT.


my hubby loves it now if i could just get him to do it


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