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The 15 Do’s and Don’ts of Really Good Sex

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When you write about sex for a living, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we should always be inventing a new position or discovering a new erogenous zone. But sometimes it’s good just to remind ourselves of some basics. These 15 tips never go out of style—and they’re way easier to pull off than the Wheelbarrow, too.


10 and 12.. YES! THESE!


All good lessons...I find these to be a very entertaining pieces of advice....Especially #s 9 and 10!


I need to have socks on all of the time. It is so uncomfortable to wear none, it almost hurts. So I disagree with that. Who cares about socks. I mean unless he wants to touch my feet and rub them down with a lot of oil to make them moist enough, then no thank you socks on please. (There is no getting my husband to take the time for that, at least he has not yet tried)
Everything else should be obvious.


Everything is great except 10.

I don't get why socks matter at all.


yes, noises, words, squirms, something for feedback! Silence makes me think my efforts aren't producing any results.



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