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Tuesdays With Nina: Lesbian Bed Death, Part 1

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What do you do when your partner stops having sex with you? Is it your fault? Is it theirs? Should you try to change or call it quits?


Contributor: Wild Orchid

I agree. This is not a garden variety of sex drive decreasing because of the mileage of the relationship. The girlfriend sounds very manipulating, shifts blame for the situation instead of tying to resolve it and sucks all the joy from the relationship. There is no reason for this relationship to continue.

Contributor: FieryRed

I've experienced something of the opposite of that situation. I was working full-time and supporting my girlfriend, but she expected me to be ready for sex anytime she was, often several times a day...despite the fact that she would regularly fight with me most of the night, after which I'd have to go to work on very little sleep. She'd be extremely offended and hurt if I told her I was too exhausted, or if I didn't seem "into it" enough. I finally got out when it became obvious that she had serious mental health problems, and she turned out to be paranoid-schizophrenic.


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