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Tuesdays With Nina: Scared to Seek Satisfaction

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Do you find it difficult to let your partner know that they've stopped short of pleasing you in the bedroom? Communicating the specifics of what you want and need in the bedroom can be, for many, a seemingly insurmountable hurdle. What do you do if you're too terrified to utter those all-important words "Don't stop!"?


Contributor: williamson.kiri

When ever I hear stories like this I just want to find these women and do exactly what she said, throw her on a bed and say were doing this until you are a worthless wreck and you've had a fabulous orgasm! I know what it is like to be frustrated like that and even though I don't have much experience I'm very eager! Instead of giving the world a Coke I'd like to give it an orgasm!

Contributor: ceshephe

love the recommendations


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