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Tuesdays With Nina: The Truth About 69

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This week, Nina tackles the myth, the legend, the ultimate in oral sex positions: 69. You might be surprised to learn that not everybody finds it to be a magic number. Nina offers her ideas on how to improve your dual-oral adventures, and shares some insights from a viewer who was inspired to write in about his own experiences as a 58-year-old man dating a 72-year-old woman.


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Contributor: knave789us

Thank you, Nina, for telling our story. Eleanor and I both felt like we were being featured on 'Oprah'. ~Tom

Contributor: Victoria

I just ADORE Nina! I am always so happy to send over everyone's questions to her. She is amazing.

Contributor: Monica85

My man doesn't care what I look like, heck he hardly really pays much attention when I dress up nice with make-up on and hair done. He doens't care about that type of stuff at all. He likes when I do cook for him... At least I gained some points with my cooking and oral sex, because since I read Jacks Blowjob Guide ( [] ) I’m pro He will always despise my movie tastes as long as it includes a "chick flick" but for the most part we can agree on movies to watch...


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