Welcome Ron and Chad of Doc Johnson, the biggest toy company in the adult industry. Having started over 30 years ago, what has changed the most? As the company grows, how has the shift from father to son affected the business? What does the next generation see in store for Doc Johnson and the adult industry as a whole?

Welcome Ron and Chad of Doc Johnson, the biggest toy company in the adult industry. Having started over 30 years ago, what has changed the most? As the company grows, how has the shift from father to son affected the business? What does the next generation see in store for Doc Johnson and the adult industry as a whole?

Interview with Doc Johnson: Ron Braverman, CEO & Chad Braverman, Director of Product Development and Licensing

September 3, 2009

Imagine being at the helm of an adult toy company in 1976, all the challenges there were back then; having to navigate uncharted waters. Ron not only raised the company, he raised a family – and now his son, Chad, is helping to further Doc Johnson’s success. What was it like, bringing the company to this point and were they truly the ‘good old days’? Surely there have been tough times, including the fire in 1995 that burned down the domestic Doc Johnson factory – but Ron made it through and kept his staff afloat.

How has he managed to overcome everything and continue to grow the business? Ron is also a founding father of the Free Speech Coalition and has been named as one of Los Angeles ‘Most Influential People’. And for Chad, how was it growing up in an adult toy empire? The learning curve was surely different for someone so close to the business. What does he have his sights set on for the future? These two perspectives are bound to be interesting!

Doc Johnson has a wealth of products under their brand – more than most know, as they make toys for other companies too. The research and development process sparks a lot of curiosity: how is a product created from concept to finished product? What was the inspiration for creating the new silicone Platinum line and what additions are you planning? What products represent some of your most innovative accomplishments? We’d like to know all of this – and more!

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    What can you tell us about the new Platinum Silicone line? We're all dying to see, hear, know more!

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    Does Doc Johnson have any plans to make a luxury silicone line as some other companies are doing?

    Hi Everyone,

    First to Saraid, Platinum is DJ's new luxury silicone line. We are releasing the entire line next week and it should be in stores by the end of the month.

    Platinum is DJ's first silicone line manufactured in the US, right here in our Los Angeles facility. As you can probably tell by the name Platinum is a 100% pure platinum silicone line, the absolute finest material in the world when it comes to adult toys. To start the line we decided to take 10 of our best-selling shapes, that as of now have only been offered in our original material. We decided to start this way because we feel that it is these iconic shapes that have helped Doc Johnson achieve an incredible amount of success over our 33 year history. We have alway believed that providing a choice for the consumer is important. Whether it be price, material, function, shape, etc...offering something for everyone is always a goal of ours. Platinum is offering Doc Johnson's finest to a segment of the market that is willing to pay a little more for a superior product..

    We are currently working on some Vac-u-Lock attachments as well as some cock-rings for the upcoming Winter Release.

    We are really proud of the way this line turned out. The product is amazing and the packaging is beautiful. We really shot for the stars on this line, and we hope that you enjoy using them as much as we did developing them Smile
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    Chad -

    When did you know that you wanted to join the business too?
    Do you feel like your dad's chosen career had an impact on you? Thinking back, do you think would you have different perspectives on sex toys if your dad had been in a different type of industry?

    To answer the first part of your question, I think the first time I thought about joining the family business was in High School, but the first time i knew I was going to was during my college years at The University of Miami. The reason is two-fold. First, I enjoy our business. Sex is fun. It doesn't get old. And it's always in demand. I enjoy talking about what I do. I enjoy hearing peoples experiences. Their likes and dislikes. Their opinions. I just find it all interesting. The second reason is a little more personal. I am an only child, and Doc Johnson is a 1 generation old company. It is on my shoulders to carry the torch. If I don't it is likely gone from my family forever. After what Doc Johnson and my dad in particular have provided for me over my lifetime, there is no way I would let that happen. It is my responsibility to turn this company over to my children in not only the condition I received it, but better.

    Other than being in the dark for a few years about what my dad actually did for a living, I don't think that his career had an impact on me growing up. I was lucky to have friends and parents that didn't care and didn't abandon when they found out. As I grew up, it obviously only became cooler and cooler to people who found out. But it did teach me that there are people out there who will judge you for what you are rather that who you are. I decided at a very young age that I didn't need those people anyways.

    It is very hard for me to take a step back and be objective on sex toys. I love developing them, I love using them, I love selling them. Nothing makes me happier than when an item we have developed does well. But I really have no idea what role sex toys would play in my life if I didn't literally grow up around them. It was never taboo for me, it was never some hidden secret. Would I feel the same way if my dad was a car salesmen? I like to think so.
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    How do you get ideas for new toys? Are there a lot of women on the staff that come up with designs? If so, do you think the women generally come up with better ideas for female targeted toys and why?

    Ideas for new toys literally come from everywhere. Obviously a great deal come from our sales reports. What does well and what doesn't. But more importantly, why? Was it the item, or the package? Could it have just been the color? See, our industry is influenced by other industries, but it does not mirror them. If the new color for Fall season is yellow, you will start seeing it everywhere from clothes to cars to home furnishing. But if we decided to jump on the yellow bandwagon we would end up with a very pretty product that no one wanted. There are exceptions to this rule every once and awhile, but it is always an exception and never a rule. Products targeted at women sell in this order: 1) Pink 2) Purple 3) any variation of Pink or Purple. Products targeted at men sell in this order: 1) Charcoal/Black 2) Blue.

    Our policy at Doc Johnson is that anyone can and should contribute. Every idea is heard. It does not have to be a new idea, it could just be a new way to manufacture an existing toy. Of course we have an R&D department dedicated specifically to this goal, but that doesn't mean that they are the only ones coming up with new ideas. In regards to the part of your question concerning women, obviously women have a bit of a head start when it comes to designing toys specifically for women, but I don't think it is as noticeable as you might think. I think our entire team, male or female, has a very good idea what the customer is looking for. I have seen the best items for women come from men, and the best items for men come from women. But when it comes time to testing that item, it helps if you have the right tools for the game Smile
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    Chad: When you joined the company, did you already have some specific ideas that you wanted to bring to the table?

    Were you aware of any specific products that you wanted to change or give you perspective on?

    To be honest I did not really have any specific ideas when I first got here. I was very wet behind the ears. It took some time to get a handle on all the products we offer, what was doing well and what wasn't, and why. Even though I worked here every summer during high school and college, I never worked in the product development department. I worked my way around the company, from production to shipping, from accounting to purchasing. My dad always believed that the only way I could truly understand the inner-workings of the company was to be a work in every department. But due to my gemini behavior the only thing that can really capture my attention is the thing that always changes, and for that I knew I needed to end up in Product Development.

    As for specific products, I always wanted to make a smaller version of the iVibe Rabbit. Even though it is one of the best selling toys of all-time, I had one complaint that came up again and again. The complaint was that it was a little too big for some people to enjoy fully. With every technology industry striving to make their products smaller, I felt that there couldn't be a better time to introduce the Mini iVibe Rabbit. It is now one of our Top 10 Squirmys'.

    Victoria (host): "I think it's great that you've worked in every department - nothing makes you more well-versed than experience! What a great way to discover your niche at the company too."

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    Again, I have a couple of questions...

    The Doc Johnson High Joy Internet Enabled Rabbit Vibrator is an awesome idea, will there be more internet enabled toys in the future seeing as though this is the day and age of the internet?

    How hands on are you both with the toys from the brainstorming to the testing of them?

    How important do you two feel that sex toys are in a relationship and in what ways do you feel it can help?

    Thanks for your time and we absolutely love your toys!

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    What new technologies and innovations are you most excited about soon incorporating into your toys? (Feel free to be as geeky in answering as you want, we'll look up the big words if we have to. Winking )

    I wish I knew the words myself Luscious Lily. To answer the your question and the first part of yours Upst8NYcpl, our main focus right now is developing better wireless systems and connecting people and their toys through the internet. It's amazing that we started this over 5 years ago with the High Joy Internet Enabled Rabbit. We are currently working on a new version that is really going to be amazing. Unfortunately I can not share many details of the project here, but I can tell you that its is going to be a game changer. It is the future. Our High Joy project, albeit not as successful as we had hoped, was an incredibly important stepping stone for Doc Johnson and the industry as a whole. It is by far the most fulfilling project I have worked on during my time at DJ. I say this because I have read the stories from couples, from soldiers in Iraq, separated from their partners, sometime by distances further than you think the earth can allow, who have been able to connect sexually with their loved ones because of us and our products. It is incredible that I can control a toy right here at my desk and that toy will respond instantaneously anywhere in the world. This is the new frontier for our industry, and Doc Johnson is knocking on the door.

    Being the Director of Product Development I am very hands on from beginning to end. I must see a project through completion and even then I must follow it to see the market reaction. A lot of time we know a good item when we see it. Sometimes we push the envelope. Those are the fun times. Ron is as hands on as he was since his first day. He is very involved in all aspects of the business. He sees, approves and comments on all projects.

    We have always believed in the saying "the couple that plays together, stays together." While it is not always true, unfortunately, we think it is very important in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Sex is so interesting because it is an incredibly private matter that needs to be shared with someone in order to be fully enjoyed. From my experience I find a lot of people who are not honest about what they like or what they want to try in bed with their partner. They are afraid that they will be judged, or that the person won't understand. A lot of the time they think their partner will feel inadequate. Whether it be with toys or without, finding that person that you can be completely honest with makes all the difference.
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    Where did the company name come from?

    I wanted a name that would be understood worldwide. At the time Johnson was the second largest surname in the world. We also had President Johnson. I thought adding the 'Doc' gave the name some creditability and some character. It was it your doctor, it was your friendly Doc.
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    Do you ever find the generation difference between the two of you affects your work in any way?

    From Chad: There are times when it does. I think it is impossible for a 62 year old man and a 27 year old man to always see eye to eye. But I think those differences result in a better outcome. Sometimes he sees something that I would never see and vice versa. My list of products is short, his is 30 years long. There is nothing more important than experience, and I see that. But there is also the future, and he sees that.

    From Ron: Not to me. His input is important to our business today. In business you can never afford to rest on your laurels, and having new blood, whether it be Chad or another new team member, is always good.
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    Following the tradition of these reviews, I'd like to ask both of you to complete this sentence:

    "Sex is..."

    From Ron: something that you should enjoy your entire life.

    From Chad: exactly what I need right now!
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    What do you think have been the biggest issues you have faced with the Free Speech Coalition?

    Hi Sammi,

    The biggest issue I have always faced is defining what is "free speech." Where do you draw the line, if you are allowed to draw the line at all. When I started in the business it was fight together or die alone. We were being attacked by all sides and none of us had enough money to fight these battles alone. We needed each other to survive so that our industry could survive. That is where the Free Speech Coalition was born from. But what do I do now when someone is producing incredibly demeaning material that I find obscene? How hard do you fight for someone who is bringing the wrong kind of attention to our industry and making it harder for us? These are very difficult questions and I struggle with them everyday.

    Victoria (host): "Thanks, Ron! It's obvious that your heart is in the right place with the FSC. I imagine the membership process helps weed out some of the people who might seek to abuse your support of their material. I hope the future brings even more forward-thinking people into the industry."

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    Ron: There are unfortunately a lot of taboos around the adult industry, did you have any negative experiences related to these taboos while you were raising a family and raising a company?

    I think anyone that started in this industry during its infancy dealt with an immense amount of negativity. I tried my best to deal with these experiences as they came up. Sometimes you just have to learn on the job as they say. My priority was to protect my family. Especially to protect Chad. I did not want his childhood to be effected because of what I did for a living. I was always afraid that if certain parents found out what I did, they might not let their child be friends with Chad. For many years I said that I imported and private labeled health and beauty aids. It is not a very exciting business, so the questions normally stopped there. I am happy that those days are behind us.
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    What toy that you've created do you consider to be your favorite?

    From Ron: The Pocket Rocket and the iVibe Rabbit. Two of the most iconic products the industry has even seen.

    From Chad: We have a line call Lucid Dreams which I was heavily involved in. One toy in particular, Lucid Dream #14, went on to be our best-selling soft vibe and win Women's Health Magazines award for Best Maxi Vibe. That's pretty cool.

    Victoria (host): "All 3 of those do well here at Eden. We have several versions of iVibe rabbits, all going to good homes. The Lucid Dreams 14 has 30 reviews right now! The Pocket Rocket has about 50 reviews across its many kits and incarnations - and I personally love love love this toy!"

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    Rechargeable toys and toys that run well on rechargeable batteries; where does Doc Johnson stand on this and where do you see yourselves in the next year or so in regards to rechargability?

    I'm going to answer this question in 2 ways. First, we have a nice selection of rechargeable items that will be coming out early 2010. We have decided to wait on some of them until we felt that technology was good enough to make sense. A lot of the first rechargeable items we saw did not work correctly. They either needed to be charged for too long or died too quickly. We are confident that the ones we developed generate enough power and won't drain the battery so that every time you go to use it, it is dead.

    The second way I want to answer is in regards to sellability. As I said before, our industry takes cues from other industries, but it does not always mirror them. The ability to recharge our electronics is crucial in our world these days. But no one has a problem recharging their home phone, cell phone, camera, etc out in the open for anyone to see. But I think most people don't want their vibrator sitting out while it recharges. We have come a long way, but I don't think we are at that point yet. So while Doc Johnson has always adopted the business model of being a
    "one-stop shop," where you can find any product for any desire, I do not think that rechargeables are meant for the majority just yet.
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    Chad, did you ever feel as though the company was like a sibling or perhaps even feel jealous of its role in your father's life?

    I don't think anymore than any other kid who doesn't understand the time and effort it takes to run a company. There were obviously times when my dad was away because of work, but I don't know a single kid I grew up with that didn't experience the same thing. He coached all my little league teams, he was at all my game and events through high school and college. There is not a single important event that he ever missed because of work.
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    What was it like growing up in the business, Chad? Are there a lot of times your vision is different than your dad's? How does working together effect family dynamics? And will you bring your kids into the family business?

    Telling a story and typing a story are two completely different things, but I will try my best. I didn't know what my dad did for a long time. Around the time I was 7 or 8 I had a lot of friends that were doing the 'bring your kid to work day.' I had yet to receive that invite so I decided to take it upon myself. My dads initial hesitation was interesting. I figured he would love to bring me to work. But his answer was more like, "uh...let me talk to your mom." Because my parents got divorced when I was like 1, I was used to these "let me ask (fill in the blank)" answers. I got the OK and was off to his office the next week, with a note that I found out later read something like "DON'T LET HIM LEAVE YOUR OFFICE." Shortly after I got there my dad took me on the full tour showing me off to everyone. I think he thought I was too young to remember or even understand what I might see. I was old enough to know 2 things: 1) I had a penis 2) my dad had a lot of them. So as I grew up and more hints used to slip through the cracks, I always thought about that day at the office. I had many pieces to the puzzle, but never the full picture. When I was 13 one of my friends asked me what my dad did, but he asked in front of my 18 year old step brother. When I gave him the health and beauty aid story, my step brother was ready to step in with the truth. Needless to say, I knew before I knew. My friend then went and told everyone in the school the next day that my dad made fake penises. It never bothered me. It was actually kind of liberating.

    I answered another question that is very similar to your second question, and yes there are times when we just don't see eye to eye. There is a very definite generational gap between my dad and I. At the end of the day we challenge each other, but it is always about making the product better and the customer happier.

    Our family has always been close knit and I don't feel anything has changed since I have been working here full time. We are both very good at separating our work from our life outside of the office.

    As for my kids, I don't have any yet, but I imagine that I will want them to work with me and take over Doc Johnson for the next generation. I'm planning on having more than one though, just to hedge my bet.

    Victoria (host): "Great answer! Thank you for being so candid! I don't think I'll ever bring my kids to the actual office, but I have talked to them about what adults products are. I think kids who grow up open-minded and informed have a better understanding of human nature and a greater capacity for compassion."

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    I wanted to know about your Vac-U-Lock system (which is really great, by the way). The Powerlock system is also good, but doesn't have many attachments to go along with it. Have you thought about coming out with new harnesses for them, or maybe more attachments?

    Sir, I am a little confused about your question. Are you asking if we are going to come up with harness or attachments for the PowerLock system? Because the PowerLock systems is not Doc Johnson's. Please confirm and I then I can answer.
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    That's so cool that the two of you work together. It's such an interesting business, let alone a tradition to be passed down. What sorts of new ideas have the two of you bounced off of each other? And what's currently in the making? Winking

    We have a pretty large team of people that all ideas get bounced off of. I work intricately with the sales department, R&D, purchasing and Ron before any product is introduced to the market. We are currently releasing all the products that we just debuted at our July show. The main focus was our new silicone line Platinum. We are so excited to get this out to the stores. While these products make their way to the market, it is my job to start going down the line of our concepts and kicking them into high gear. Our next selection is going to feature new Platinum products as well as a beautiful grouping of rechargeables. We are also adding to our extremely popular Belladonna line and our TitanMen Tools line. We have just finished molding four of the biggest stars for Titan and all of them will be available next year. Our last selection also included an amazing new toy called "Throbbing Hearts" where the actual shaft of the item expands and contracts created a very unique sensation, and also a first ever for the toy market. We are working on new shapes for this ground-breaking technology.
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    Does Doc Johnson have any plans to start moving into sex furniture? You guys already make a ton of other types of toys!

    We have traveled down this road many times, but we have not been able to develop something that was different from what is already on the market. At this point if we do decide to manufacture something we would need it to be unique. But you got me thinking again Smile
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    Since you grew up somewhat in the dark regarding what your dad did (reasonably so, of course) because of the implications that could have occurred, do you feel that society has made enough headway that you will not have to hide what you do from people as your child grows up? Do you think you will keep the exact details of what you do until your child(ren) reach a certain age and if so what age would that be?

    Unfortunately the truth is I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make this choice for myself. The internet has taken that away from me. All you need to do is google my name and see what comes up. It is going to be very difficult to hide from what I do. But if I had this choice, I would do anything and everything I could to protect my child(ren) from persecution over what their father does for a living. The only thing I know I would change from my experience is how they find out. I want to be the one that sits them down and explains everything. Not a step brother, not another parent, not a friend and not the internet. I just hope I get that opportunity.
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    As one of the biggest manufacturers how much focus to you have on creating and rebranding Doc Johnson as society, ideals, and the industry changes?

    Drew, it is here today gone tomorrow if it is not your #1 priority to stay current on all levels. From product design to packaging design to manufacturing methods, we can not afford to rest on our laurels. The competition is plentiful, and their main objective is to consume market share. Doc Johnson has continued to achieve new levels of success for over 30 years solely because we choose not only to embrace change, but also to be the change we wanted to see.
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    I know some of the larger toy companies have been singled out for lawsuits. In addition to obscenity laws, some of the lawsuits have been downright silly. For example, some novelty companies cannot use the color red or anything remotely related to the color red (not even hot pink) or a cross-like symbol on nurse costumes because it supposedly looks too much like the red cross symbol. Has Doc Johnson had to face similar lawsuits?

    We have had our problems over the years, but mostly because of a lack of understanding by the authorities. I think that our industry still has target on it by some people, and therefore they try to mess with us to waste or time and money. Luckily things have changed and are easier these days. We should all be grateful for these changes. Our forefathers got it right when they added "Free Speech" to our Constitution.
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    In all these years what is the one, single, biggest change that you've noticed in the industry?

    The customer. When I first started in this business it was completely male dominated. Adult stores were set up for peep booths, not for toys. Toy purchases were secondary in those days. A guy would buy something for himself or for his partner. You found very few women shopping for themselves. Today the market is completely different. The internet helped to change the old style of our industry. Once women were free to purchase a toy online, in the privacy of their home, without having to walk into a "seedy back-alley" shop, everything changed. Stores started to understand that in order to be successful they had to update their stores. The peep booths were taken out and replaced by product. The overall feel became very welcoming to women and to couples. This sparked an unbelievable revolution in our business.
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    When working on a new toy, what kind of testing do you do with regard to safety or durability?

    You mentioned releasing 100 toys a year and I am wondering how many end up on the "do not release" pile? Or do you work on a toy to improve it until it becomes releasable?

    SeXXXcapades SeXXXcapades 4 users seconded this question.

    When it comes to manufacturing toys how important is durability and the longevity of a toy and how closely is this looked at?

    Hi guys, your questions are kind of similar so I am going to attempt to answer them at the same time. Our mission is to make a great product, from beginning to end. Safety, durability, function and form. They all need to come together in order to turn a good product into a great product. We have an amazing QC department here who check all product upon receiving or manufacturing, depending on whether we make the product here in our factory or in our factories overseas. And when something does slip through the cracks we do everything possible to rectify the situation. If it is not possible, we eliminate the product from our catalog. In today's market, for any industry, customer satisfaction must be the #1 priority. If we are lucky enough to have you as a customer, we better make the most out of it. Because if we don't, I guarantee there is someone who will.

    I would say that we have roughly 50-75 projects a year that we don't move forward with. But it is not only because of safety or durability issues. There is a number of reasons why we hold a project. Some can moved on for a later release. Some just get shelved forever. Once they move out of my storage drawers they have no chance.
  • In terms of other manufacturers, who do you look up to? What about non-industry idols?

    From Ron: Big or small I always look up to creative thinkers, creative ideas, creative marketing. People who have gone out and created a market where a market never existed. I'm very interested in new ideas. Things that not only look good, but work. Things that you look at and say "Of course."

    From Chad: I have to agree with my dad in regards to respecting people who created a market for their products, instead of creating products for a market. In our industry I would tip my hat to Jimmy Jane and Lelo. Great products, great concepts. Very well done. Tantus too. They put their shoulder behind an idea that at the time seemed too costly to succeed. In terms of non-industry, my first nod would be to Apple. I mean are they not the greatest company of the 21st Century? Absolutely revolutionizing everything they touch. Also to Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's gaming designer, and the team he lead to developing the Wii system. The first time I ever played it, it just felt like the future had finally arrived. Now if someone can just get that 'Back to the Future' hoverboard going.
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    Ron, what were the late 70's / early 80's like in the sex toy industry?

    A lot different! The late 70's to early 80's were the wild wild west days for our industry. In those days you could do whatever you wanted because everything was new. I choose not to take that path. I wanted something new for the adult novelty business. I wanted to walk into a store and be proud of what I saw. Doc Johnson was the first in the mid-seventies to package products, give them a name, have a warranty, have a company name and address. I wanted people to feel comfortable taking these items home. I wanted them to have the same feeling buying a Doc Johnson product as they did when they bought something from any good retail store.
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    Do you feel as though your work is meaningful?

    Yes, very. We are bringing pleasure to peoples lives. We are making products not just for people but for moments. When you use our products hopefully it becomes your time, or you and your partners time to just get away from the grind of daily life.
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    There is a big push currently to "Go Green", environmentally speaking, how important is this and what steps does your company take to help save Mother Earth?

    We do everything we can reduce our carbon footprint. We have over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, so it can get difficult. There is a certain amount of energy we need to use on a daily basis to run efficiently. But were able to reduce our energy consumption by 15% just by running and not running certain areas of our factory during different times of the day. We also use recycled paper and plastic for packaging.
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    Hey Guys what toy would i use if i sometimes feel like my orgasms is coming on to strong and i cant take it? I love playing with myself but i have a hard time finshing the job.

    Hi Sleephappy, I would like to clarify the details of your question. Are you saying that the orgasm is too strong, or the toy is too strong once you start to orgasm? And if you don't mind sharing, what are some of the toys you currently use?
  • sleephappy sleephappy 1 user seconded this question.

    My boyfriend thinks that using toys on him is for gay men, what toy should i introduce to him that would make him comfortable enough to use?

    I think I would start with a vibrating cock ring. This is something that you could use together, and something that gives both of you pleasure. Try it two ways, first with the vibrating area on the top of the shaft of his penis so that it will stimulate your clitoris. Then flip it over so the vibrating part is up against his testicles. Make sure you turn the vibration down to start for him. Sometimes high vibration can cause a decrease in stimulation for men. This might be a fun way for you both to play together. It is not uncommon for men to feel this way. Sometime they are just scared to take the leap. Treat him the same way you would want to be treated if it was you who was uncomfortable...go slow.
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    You make products for companies other than Doc Johnson - including some of your competitors. I am guessing you can't really talk openly about that - but I am wondering if you could tell us how many toys/products you made in your biggest year yet (total products, not total lines)? It seems like it would be many many thousands. A veritable mountain of pleasure Winking

    Oh god, too many to count. But I can tell you that we use about 2,500,000 LBS of material a year here at our facility for our 'Made in USA' product range.
  • sleephappy sleephappy 1 user seconded this question.

    How do you no if a toy is good enogh to market? do you try it out on your wifes first? what is the process

    Haha, the testing room question. I can't speak for my dad and stepmom, and frankly not sure I want to know, but my girlfriend and her friends are definitely a lucky bunch. But a lot of work goes on before a product can even be testing. From sketches to 3-D drawing to clay molds to sample molds. A product touches a lot of hands and sees a lot of eyes before we even decide if the product is worth exploring. Once a product is at the testing stage it is more about QC than whether or not we are going to bring the item to the market. I've seen products that we thought were the greatest thing since sliced bread, and we can't give them away. I've seen products we didn't want to put out, decided to try it, and we can't keep them in stock. At the end of the day, we trust our experience, and hope that we are right more than we are wrong.
  • Victoria Victoria 2 users seconded this question.

    We know you have a factory here, do you also have a factory (or more than one) overseas? About how much of the production happens in California?

    We have factories overseas as well. Some we work with on an exclusive basis, some we just work on exclusive products with. About 70% of our catalog is product in the USA, right here in our factory. I think this is one of the most important sacrifices my dad and Doc Johnson made. He took a company from 3 employees to 300. And from 300 to 600. Every time he added more employees he was also presented with the opportunity to take his manufacturing overseas for half the cost. He made the decision early on that not only would he support our country, but also our community. It is really amazing to think that he made this decision at a time when his country was fighting to eliminate him and take away his business. Today it is our distinguishing feature, and a huge competitive advantage.
  • LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours 2 users seconded this question.

    If you compared the basic vibrator you made 30 years ago and the product you produce today, what are the biggest differences between them?

    It's like the difference between my old 8-track and my new iPod. They both play the same music, but the way they play it is what separates them so greatly. The difference in our industry is the basic vibrator I made 30 years ago still sells. It might be a different finish or have a different controller, but the basic technology is the same. But back then I never imagined we would have the selection of product we have today. It really is a brave new world. The shapes, the colors, the materials, the packaging....it is all so amazing.
  • Sir Sir 6 users seconded this question.

    I apologize for the confusion. I meant only for the Vac-U-Lock system. Thank you very much!

    Yes! We are currently designing new Vac-u-Lock attachments for our Platinum line. Beautiful 100% silicone attachments that will work with any Vac-u-Lock harness. We also just released our two most popular Lucid Dream shapes as attachments. We are always looking for ways to expand this line, as it has been one of Doc Johnson's most successful.
  • Krysia Krysia 4 users seconded this question.

    We all know that you have already established a name in American households, but are you willing to expand your market to Asia? Asian women are sort 'shy' when it comes to these toys and I'm curious as to how you will be helping them to realize that these toys are not just for the sex but also for the well-being of the feminine side?

    Hi Krysia,

    We have tried to bring our product to the Asian market but it seems that we can not be price competitive enough to really infiltrate successfully. It is very difficult to develop a campaign around our products and sexual well-being if our products are not represented. The last time I was in Hong Kong I did find a couple of very nice boutique style adult shops that had a nice selection of American product, so hopefully we are making some headway.
  • Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust 6 users seconded this question.

    Ron, when did you decide to inform your son of just what your work entails and why? How did you go about it?

    I remember about the time he was 12 or 13 I felt that it was time to give him a total explanation. He has always been incredibly perceptive, even as a child, and I remember feeling like he was starting to piece different bits of information together. Whether he knew or not wasn't very important at the time. What I felt was important was making sure that I sat him down and gave him an explanation directly from the source. I didn't want him to think that I was ashamed to tell him, but when you have been keeping something from someone so important in your life, you do your best to make sure they understand why you kept this a secret from them. I did the best I could without any roadmap laid out for me. It will be interesting to see how he goes about it when his time comes.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme) Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme) 6 users seconded this question.

    So what's the 'holy grail' of sex toys? What do you think the next biggest revolution in sex toys will be? I was pretty astonished when I learned about Real Dolls, for example (God, when I was a horny, lonely teenager I'd have given my arm for one of those!) You've got the Internet-read products - I mean, that's AMAZING as a concept. Any idea what's next?

    As of today I would say the "holy grail" is the Rabbit. We call it the Squirmy type vibrator. It is the best selling vibe of all time. Every company has a version and every company sells it well. There is also the Pocket Rocket, which is only available through Doc Johnson. Every company has a copy, but no one has the real deal. I mentioned earlier in the interview that the next step is integrating toys though the internet. Either through USB or via bluetooth, something is going to break soon. We are heavily involved in this movement. I also think that we will start to see new materials materials available. Whether they are completely new, or just materials that have been priced out of our industry that might come down in cost and make them a viable option for use.
  • Josie Kitten Josie Kitten 2 users seconded this question.

    In response to one of the earlier questions you said that ideas come from everywhere... does that mean on occasion, a receptionist will covertly slip some sketches under your office door... or the mailman will nonchalantly start up a seemingly unrelated conversation with you... or maybe, you're looking at something completely innocuous, like a musical instrument, and start thinking, "What if..."?

    That's exactly what it means. Ideas are all around us at all times. Shapes, designs, materials, etc. You never know where inspiration is going to come from. Sometimes it's a person and a random conversation, and sometimes its an everyday household item. But turning that seemingly random conversation, or household item into something tangible and sellable, well, I hope that takes some amount of talent.
  • Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon 3 users seconded this question.

    Chad-- After you took on the responsibility of carrying on the Doc Johnson torch, did you ever get cold feet? Have you ever had doubts, and how did you overcome them? If your children are not interested in participating in the family business, what are your plans for the company's future leadership? How important is it for you that Doc Johnson stay a family legacy?

    I definitely got cold feet. Normally the heir to a company throne does not get much sympathy, and I'm not looking for any, but there is a lot of pressure that I don't think people can fully understand. And if that pressure does not give you cold feet, then I don't think that you are taking what ever it is you do seriously. Like I said before, my dad has been at the helm of Doc Johnson for over 30 years. From 6 employees to 600. He has left mighty big shoes to fill. I don't want to say that I overcome them, but rather live with them, and try to feed off of them. I have always tried to harness my doubts and use them as motivation.
    It is really important to me that I have children who want to be a part of Doc Johnson. It is their generation that would really make it a legacy. When my kids were ready to retire and turn it over to my grandkids, we would be talking about 100 years. That's pretty cool to think about. If they are not interested, I really have no idea. That's one of those "lets cross that bridge when we get to it" situations.
  • Avery Dragon Avery Dragon 4 users seconded this question.

    Hey guys, I've been selling your products for a while now in a brick & mortar store, your packaging always looks very classy, but there has been a problem that I have noticed. In most of products that have plastic packaging, if the package accidentally falls, even if from a fairly low point, it tends to shatter. I prefer plastic packaging because it allows the buyer to actually see the product they're getting.

    Have you guys considered any alternatives in packaging to remedy this problem?

    We use all different types of packaging. Even some of the plastic packaging differs in material. But we have never experienced a breakage problem with our plastic. We are very specific with our packaging suppliers in regards to the thickness and overall quality of the box. Lets talk after this interview is completed so I can find out more about the situation you're having.
  • thatonegirl thatonegirl 2 users seconded this question.

    How has being in this business effected your father sun relation ship?
    Is this something that's going to be passed down and kept in the family?
    Are you satisfied with the new line of platinum silicon line?
    Do you have any planes for coming out with strap on dildos that are O ring compatible?

    (I am personally excited on the new line, as all get out, i am crazy about hygiene and I am paranoid i have enough health problems as it is)

    From Ron: If anything, it has made it stronger. We get to see each other everyday, which for a parent is very nice. My only wish is that Chad is able to share the same experience with his child(ren) and Doc Johnson becomes a real family company.

    From Chad: I agree that it has definitely made our relationship stronger. After my parents divorced I lived with my mom, so it has been nice to have an everyday relationship with my dad. And it is even better to share it as an adult. My goal is to pass it down to my child(ren), but like I said, we will have to wait and see.

    In regards to Platinum, we are unbelievably satisfied with the initial release. Our customers loved it and we are confident that you will too. This was a critical market for Doc Johnson to enter and I believe we did so with a bang.

    We are going to come out with some shapes for Platinum that are O ring compatible, but most of our strap-ons are for our exclusive patented Vac-U-Lock system.
  • Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon 4 users seconded this question.

    Ron-- Chad said that he knew he was going to join the family business when he was in college, but when did you make up your mind that Chad would be part of the Doc Johnson team? Was it always your intention that he would end up in the industry, or was it a decision that you spent a lot of time mulling over? If Chad hadn't made the decision to keep the business in the family, so to speak, what do you think would happen to Doc Johnson?

    My wish, I think every parents wish, is for their children to be whatever they want to be. We can have hopes and aspirations, but at the end of the day happiness is all that is important. I never pushed the business on Chad. I was very clear that he needed to work over the summers when he was not in school. I didn't care where, as long as he worked. I think in terms of convenience working at Doc Johnson was the easiest. During his time here I believe he found something he enjoyed, and hopefully started to form vision of where he would like to take the company in the future. If Chad had decided against working at Doc Johnson the company would have carried on. It was never designed to be about one person.
  • Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust 3 users seconded this question.

    As a larger company, do you ever feel responsible to lead the way by being bigger, better, or more innovative? Do you feel any pressure to set a good example in your practices?

    Not bigger per se, but better. This is not a responsibility we feel just towards the industry as a whole, but to Doc Johnson as well. We can not afford to rest on our laurels. 600 people rely on us to open our doors every day. It always comes down to supply and demand. We can supply, but if we are not supplying what is necessary to the demand, then we are out of business. Everyday is another chance to be a little better than we were the day before.
  • Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon 4 users seconded this question.

    What is your absolute favorite part of your job? What makes you pat yourself on the back at the end of even bad days at work?

    Speaking of which, what is the most difficult part of your job?

    From Ron: Providing a product that makes people happy is my favorite part of my job. My least favorite part is the business of running a business. It is just not what it used to be. Most of my days are now taken up with legal and paperwork.

    From Chad: My favorite part is working on a concept from beginning to end and seeing that concept blossom into great selling product. My least favorite is the flip side. I hate watching all that time and energy spent on something that simply was not good enough.
  • Josie Kitten Josie Kitten 2 users seconded this question.

    Your business has focused on novelties for decades... have you ever considered investing in (or acquiring another company) that manufactures quality, full-bodied sex dolls? Or would the limited consumer for such a product (probably priced upwards of $5 thousand) prove prohibitive among your several lines of everyday toys for the everyday adult?

    We try to exploit our competitive advantage as much as possible, and this "real doll" market does not fit into our business model.
  • SeXXXcapades SeXXXcapades 2 users seconded this question.

    Question for Ron and Chad... Do you guys have a personal favorite when it comes to your toys, if so which one and why?

    From Ron: I always say that our 200 dong (8") signs our paychecks every week. It is the product that started this company and it is still one of our best sellers.

    From Chad: I would lean towards Lucid Dream #14. It was a shape we almost left out of the collection. It ended up being the best selling by far and went on to win Women's Health Best Maxi Vibe Award in 2007.
  • Darling Dove Darling Dove 3 users seconded this question.

    This is a bit of a speculative and just for fun question, but..

    Ideally, in 20 years, where would you like the industry to be? I mean, not just in terms of the industry itself, but say, would you like sex to be more open and less taboo, do you think it would get to a point to where someone could have sex toys without being "That girl/guy"? Ideally for you, how would things be in that area, in 20 years?

    And, do you feel Doc Johnson as a company will work towards or have a hand in creating that change?

    Ideally I would want to see a world that is just overall more accepting. Whether it be race, gender, religion, political or sexual preference. It is cliche to say, but we need to stop stressing on insignificant differences. As for our industry specifically, I think the next step is mass market retail . In 20 years I expect to see our product being sold at Target and Rite Aid. I believe we will see another significant revolution where people will start to understand how important sexual well-being is. Doc Johnson has played a vital role for the last 30 years and I don't expect anything to change in the next 20.
  • eyes eyes 3 users seconded this question.

    If you were to make a toy in reminece of yourself what color would it be and what would be it"s function.

    Vibrating Panties. White. Cotton.
  • Ready & Willing Ready & Willing 15 users seconded this question.

    The new technology that is available in the communications and computers is becoming more cost effective all the time. Have you looked at blue tooth to pair a phone with a vibrator. The vibrations could be linked to the voice coming over the cell phone for long distance sex. Almost everyone has a cell phone and most are blue tooth compatible which would really give a boost to phone sex! I know that my wife would be anxiously awaiting calls home on my business trips away. It could also be tied to computers and linked to music or customizable programs where the owners could build their own routine!

    Since the HighJoy Enabled Rabbit Doc Johnson has been at he forefront of new technologies. We have been exploring many different options to update our HighJoy product line, and ways to connect users and their toys through the internet. A revolution is coming, and Doc Johnson is going to be leading the way.
  • Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon 5 users seconded this question.

    What sets the Doc Johnson brand apart from all the others? With so many products in so many categories, what single unifying concept defines the Doc Johnson empire?

    The major distinguishing characteristic of Doc Johnson is that we are a true manufacturer. A lot of companies in our industry call themselves manufacturers where really they are re-packagers. We actually produce over 70% of our catalog in our factory in North Hollywood, CA. We believe this type of control over our product gives us a major competitive advantage. In terms of our business model, it has always been to be a "one-stop shop." We have something for every category of product.
  • Avery Dragon Avery Dragon 6 users seconded this question.

    Before an unfortunate event where I came back from vacation to find a TPR dong fused to my UR3 Raging Hard-Ons Ballsy 9", it (Ballsy) had become one of my favorite toys because it actually had a realistic feel to it, I could use silicone lube on it, and because of all the amazing veins. What was your inspiration for this line of products?

    What motivated you guys into making UR3?

    In short, to make the most realistic dong on the market. UR3 was born because we continue to expand our horizons and create new material for the market. We wanted to create a soft, life-like rubber that responded to touch the way human skin does. It took years of R&D to come up with UR3. It gives life to our realistic lines, and continues to be the most sought after material in our industry.
Not answered questions
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme) 5 users seconded this question. Second it

    Second question - the other night I used the incredibly impressive Vac-U-Lock Realistic Dong Royal on my wife and she LOVED it. She was literally thrashing about in the bed and I found it INCREDIBLY sexy to watch.

    So my question - who exactly is that dong modeled off? A real person or just a clay figure? It's incredibly realistic. I have the same question for the rest of your products. And secondly, if Mr Dong Royal IS a real person, my wife would like to know their telephone number and whether they make house-calls in person!

  • eyes 4 users seconded this question. Second it

    How do I get more in depth With designing a toy and helping to spred the knowledge about toys .,THe use why a toy and various other things. Want to sell more have a web sight ect I just have tons of facinaton in that world can you help.

  • ummagumma 3 users seconded this question. Second it

    I have a couple of questions about strap ons. For me, they go a long way towards making me feel like I've got the parts I should have been born with, but can certainly be lacking in some very important areas in my opinion. Is it possible to make sex with a strap on a more realistic experience? I know, for instance, that I would never be able to feel how warm the inside of her pussy is, but would it ever be possible for me to put her to work sucking on a soft cock and have it get stiff enough to give her a good poking? I've seen cocks that you can pump up but I cant imagine that they'd stand up to something like anal......
    My second question concerns harnesses in general. I have to almost laugh sometimes when I see women in videos going at it with a strap on. Seems like 90% of the time the cock sits at the middle of their belly. I want to thrust into her from my pelvis, not my belly. Why is it so hard to make the cock base sit over my clit? That would feel/look more natural, plus provide some stimulation. Or how about making something along the lines of a Feeldoe but with a bit more substance. I want my partner to feel filled but with so much of a Feeldoe held between my thighs, there's not much left to slip into her.
    Thank you for all you do.


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