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Girl's Guide

The Girl's Guide to Pleasure

Map image Glass kegel eggs Eden single kegel ball Eden silicone kegel balls

Improve Your Health
and Intensify
Your Pleasure - Kegels

Kegel exercises are easy to do, and kegel toys make it
fun and pleasurable! Exercising the pelvic floor improves
overall pelvic health, and can be greatly beneficial to
new mothers. Kegel exercises also increase sexual
sensitivity, improving your orgasms and making them easier to achieve.

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Map image Eden rechargeable dual vibrator Vibrating wand massager Eve rechargeable massager

Pleasure Made Easy -
Add Vroom

The key to the female orgasm is self-awareness! Understanding what gets your motor running is the best way to make sure you can get it to fifth gear. Women who use vibrators, either personally or with a partner, have a better understanding of how their body responds to stimulation. Vibration can also be key in helping women who have never experienced an orgasm. Masturbation is a healthy practice, and women who regularly use vibrators report better sexual wellness in terms of arousal, ease of orgasm, and less pain or discomfort during intercourse.

Map image Elysium G-spot Infinity rechargeable silicone vibrator Petite Treats luxury rechargeable silicone G-spot vibrator Naturals gel lubricant Please arousal cream Spot-on g-spot stimulating lube

G-spot Stimulation -
G-spot Toys

Find out what all the fuss is about! This internal pleasure button will kick your orgasms into high gear. G-Spot toys feature a curved tip, giving you leverage to apply pressure to the sensitive nerve bundle. The G-spot can be stimulated with or without vibration.

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Map image Pleasure+ vibrating love ring Unity g-spot and clitoral vibrator Vibrating harness kit

Intimacy Enhanced -
Couples Rings, Vibes, Harnesses

Vibrating love rings and vibes are designed with couples in mind. C-shaped vibes are used during intercourse, delivering toe-curling vibrations to your sweet spots. Love rings are worn on the shaft of the penis, giving him more stamina, and vibrating rings deliver delicious sensations to both of you! Harnesses are a great way to enhance your sex life, and can help you comfortably explore new and exciting sensations.

Map image Pink fantasy soft cuffs Eden long tail suede flogger

Kinky Adventures

Spice up your bedroom play with kinky toys! Get
inspired by 50 Shades of Grey, or come up with your
own fantasy! Heighten sensation with silky
blindfolds and feather teasers, or take control with
cuffs and restraints. Bring bold, fresh fun to your
romantic play!

Map image Wow clitoral arousal gel ID glide

Better Sex Essentials -
Lubricants and Arousal Gel

Don't let your toys feel like the Tin Man! Lubricants are essential for comfortable sex, with or without toys, and specialized lubes can greatly enhance simple intimacy. Arousal gels include stimulating ingredients that increase blood-flow and sensitivity to intimate areas, making orgasms easier to achieve!

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