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Online Affiliate Program

What is it?

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You are invited to join our Online Affiliate Program to earn 20% commission on all sales made through your referral. Whether you have a website, blog, or profile on an community of social bookmarking site, you can grab content from to easily post and use for generating sales.

Eden Affiliate Programs use cookies for a customer identification. Once a customer clicks through using your banner, widget, or the Tracking URL containing your affiliate link and lands on during this 180 day period, you will receive a commision for the sale.

How does it work?

  • My Desktop

    Grab It Button

    When logged into your account you can browse through and 'Grab' content off of any product page of the site. By clicking the 'Grab it' button, you transfer the product image, title, and a brief description to the 'My Desktop' area. After grabbing all the products you would like to feature on your site, blog, or profile, you can go to 'My Desktop' to build and customize your product widgets, or generate banners and affiliate text links containing HTML tags to display on your site.

    From 'My Desktop' creating a Product Widget using our Widget Wizard consists of 5 simple steps. You simply choose: Type, Products, Location, Theme, Code

    • Step 1: My Desktop
      Step 1: My Desktop

      Here you can see all the products you've grabbed from the site. These are the product that you have selected to use in creating your product widget(s). Remember, you can produce as many widgets as you want or need. If you wish to permanently remove any of these items from your Desktop, you simply click the 'delete' right next to the item. If you decide later that you want to use this item in another widget, all you have to do is grab it again.

      Once you have all the items you need on your Desktop, click the 'Add New Widget' button to proced to the next step.

    • Step 2: Widget Wizard
      Step 2: Select Template

      Widget Wizard: Type

      Here, you are presented with 4 versatile templates you may choose from to create your product Widget. Whether you are looking to use a single image, or multiple images in a column, row, or box there are options that will perfectly suit you needs and space requirements.

      — Image Links
      This template allows for the creation of a simple grouping of product thumbnails. The dimensions of width and height adapt to the space you place this Widget within. Each thumbnail contains your affiliate code, and directly links to the product page of the individual item.
      — Image Map
      This template allows you to create a grouping of product thumbnails (each contains a link with your affiliate code), similar to the 'Image Link' Widget, but with a number of display options. You can customize this Widget with the following options: Number of Columns, Margin Size, Border Color, Border Width & Background Color.
      — Flash Version #1
      This Flash Template has 3 different scrolling options: A horizontal scrolling template the width of a single product thumbnail, a horizontal scrolling template the width of 3 product thumbnails, and a vertical scrolling template the height of three product thumbnails. On top of these you also have the following options for each: Adding Text (Product Title, or Title & Description for each item), Background Color, Border Color & Text Color. Again, all thumbnails and text contain your affiliate code and a link to product page on
      — Flash Version #2
      This 2d Flash Widget places your selected products into a display that contains 2 columns, and 2 rows of products. Each Product contain a thumbnail, title & price as well as a link to the product page that contains your affiliate code.
      Step 2: Select Template

      Widget Wizard: Products

      Here you will see all of the items that you have 'Grabbed' onto your desktop, and you can choose which of these products you would like to include in the new Widget you are creating. This can be done by simply clicking on the 'Add to Widget' button you see beside each item.

      Step 2: Select Template

      Widget Wizard: Locations

      Next you will be able to select where you would like to host your widget. Each of the available locations will select a coding option to best suit the location.

      Step 2: Select Template

      Widget Wizard: Theme

      In this step you will be able to make personalized customizations available for the Widget style you have chosen, as mention above in 'Widget Wizard: Type' such as: size, border, background color, margin, text, etc.

      Step 2: Select Template

      Widget Wizard: Code

      On this page you will see the code for the widget you just finished designig. All you have to do here is copy the code in the box, and paste it in its desired location.

    • Step 3: Post
      Step 3: Preview & Post

      All that is left to do now, is to go post the code for your new Widget on your site.

      If you have completed all the steps in using the Widget Wizard, and are still having any problems, please email us at and we will help you figure it out.

      Quick Start
  • My URLs

    My URLs

    If you don't want to post pictures on your site, blog, or profile you can just put a link to any page on However, the URL in the link has to be a tracking URL in order for us to calculate your commission. You can easily generate a tracking URL for any page on our site.

    While logged in and browsing the site you will see a button labeled "Get URL" at the top of the screen. The click on the button will produce a tracking URL for the page that is currently shown in your browser. You might want to add your notes to it for the future references. All generated tracking URLs and the notes are conveniently stored for future. Access these URLs through the "My URLs" link in the user account. You can also find the "My URLs" link to the right from the "Get URL" button.

    My URLs is a convenient way to use on,, and other community bookmark services.

    Quick Start