Aggregate main report

Main Report

Main report provides a quick glance at all activities generated by you. Traffic, Orders, Net Sales, and Commissions are shown for the Current Period. Click on the numbers to go into details. Use the calendar to set a custom reporting period.

Traffic report

Traffic Report

Traffic report shows how many clicks and Net Sales your presentation generated for the Current Period. You can see aggregate number and a breakdown by domains. Use the calendar to set a custom reporting period.

Orders report

Orders Report

The report shows how many orders you generated for a period. Use the calendar to set a custom reporting period. Total Order number is divided by Shipped, Pending, and Cancelled orders. You can see all the orders generated by all programs in which you participate. Use program filters to see stats for particular Eden Affiliate Programs.

Problem Order report

This is an all-time history report that shows all orders that have not been accounted for by commissions. A problem order is an order that was shipped out and then cancelled or returned within the Cooling-Off Period.

Commissions report

Commissions Report

There are two reports in one; Estimated Commissions for the Current Period and Earned Commissions for the Closed Period. You can see totals and a programs breakdown.

Payment History report

Payment History Report

All time history report shows your Affiliate Programs User Account statements for the Closed Periods.