A Table for Two

I walked in the door from work, partially exhausted from a long day, but also full of anticipation for the night I had carefully prepared. I had been planning tonight for a while, making sure everything was perfect. After dropping a shopping bag on the couch I walked back to the bedroom, and there she was, looking absolutely radiant in the embroidered corset I had presented her this morning. The matching thong framed her luscious ass, and it was all I could do to stop myself from taking her right then and there. I forced myself to wait, mentally whispering "down boy."

She looks at me with her sultry eyes, as if she knew exactly what thoughts were running through my mind, but she had absolutely no idea what I had planned for the two of us. I gave her a quick peck, and instructed her to put on a nice dress. I could tell she wanted to take me right here, right now, but that just wasn't in the cards. I told her I'd be waiting in the living room.

When she came out of the bedroom, I walked up to her and ran my hand up her thigh until it reached the apex of her legs. I slowly worked my fingers on and around her, as her head rolled back and she gasped. Pulling her panties down around her ankles, I stuck one finger insider her, carefully working my way in and out. I pulled out, and placed some H20 warming lubricant on my hand, and went back in, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I now put two fingers deep inside. She was moaning now, and arched against my hand as the warming lube began to do its trick.

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I opened the bag I had placed on the couch when I walked in earlier. Inside was a remote controlled wireless G-spot vibrator. I helped her to step out of the thong, and into the straps, and I eased it over her hips. Spreading her legs as she leaned against the wall, I inserted the G-spot extension into her, working it in and out until it was inside her, and the small butterfly rested against her clit. Then I pulled her underwear back up, and helped her straighten out her dress.

At her inquisitive look, I pulled out the remote out of my pocket, where I had placed it earlier after installing the batteries. I turned it on to the lowest setting, and her breathing sped up. I let her get into it, her pelvis gyrating with the vibrations, and then without warning I turned it off.

"We have 7 pm reservations. We've got to get going. And I'll be holding on to this. It'll be an interesting night, to say the least."

And with one hand placed firmly at the small of her back, the other hand gripping the remote in my pocket, and a mischievous smile on my face, we walked together out the door, eagerly waiting the evening ahead of us.

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